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Conference Time

Well, it's conference time again. Know what that means? 12-14 hour days for a week or so straight while burning leave from my day job! Ha! Really, who takes a vacation to go work? On the plus side, the vacation is doing what it's supposed to do. Taking me away from my day job so that I don't even think about it or the staff there. I totally don't miss it!

The conference is going smoothly tho, 2 hotels 1,600+ people... not bad. Lots of good folks over here, very interesting talks and the conversation is along the lines of products that I'm interested in as well. Transportation and Alt. Fuels. A bill just went to congress (I think/hope they'll kill it) to slash the Hydrogen Fuel research by 75%?!?! Are you kidding me? That's ridiculous. Hydrogen is currently our best hope of a long term solution to the energy issues that we are facing as a nation and a world. True, in the short term it's not ready. But for 20 years down the road, that's our ticket. I mean what do they expect fix the issue? Plug in hybrids? Yeah, right. Get a clue. I hope congress has their head out of their a$$es long enough to veto the hell out of that bill!!


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