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Wash Away

I'm @ the office today on this dreary looking Wednesday, yuk.. it's so gray outside. I wouldn't say I'm entirely here, my body is here. But that's about it. Mind, heart, soul... they have decided not to cooperate today in my daily work ritual. I dreamt about freakin soap last night. Really? Who the hell dreams about soap? I mean the founder of Irish Spring maybe. Let's look it up, shall we?

To see soap in your dream, indicates that you need to wash away some of your emotions or past memories.

...maybe there's something to that dream. Damn you subconscious. Go away! No one asked you to chime in... can't I just dream of fast cars and giant mud pits for my Jeep like usual? Well, it is spring cleaning time, emotions & memories should be no exception to that rule, right?


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