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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Tickets to the Show

Welcome to Saturday morning. Why am I up so early? I just went to bed a few hours ago!! WTF? Come on body... back to sleep with you! But it would have none of that. Today is a big day filled with cook outs, house warming's and the famous Dulles Expo Center Gun show. A couple of us load up and head towards the Dulles side of the world. Traffic? Really? Saturday around noon there's a traffic jam? Well, such is DC life. We finally arrive to take it all in, walk all the laps. I can't believe some of the stuff they are selling… 50 cal machine gun? Holy crap!! It would also seem that the country is running low on 9mm ammo. People were buying up cases of the stuff where ever they could find it!

We take off outta there and head back inside the beltway and civilization! I've got some cook outs to get to. I really wanted to go to both, but alas there just wasn't time. Boo. The second cook out was a house warming. Of course I arrived in style with a bottle of 12 year old single malt scotch for the host. I mean, we are trying to warm this place, right? Before I could even grab a beer, my allergies decided to come and give me a swift kick in the a$$... Ugh. I timed it, sneezing every 10 seconds. Wow… how hot is that? I get my hands on some Benadryl, some more Claritin, and a couple of beers which actually did the trick. That combination should put me to sleep, but instead it just curbs the sneezing. Weird.

The party is going great, I'm working the grill for some food, there's flip cup, good music, good folks, good times. After my grill work is complete, I find a little of the jungle juice (some sort of vodka and punch item) that they made and like a genius play flip cup with it. Ugh. Good job Einstein! After a couple rounds, the game broke up. But my team did great like we always do! I look around the party and see a good friend of mine who has had waaaaaaay too much to drink rocking back and forth on the banister next to the stairs. Trying to keep her from cracking her head open, I find the host to make sure he can put her somewhere safe. Aaaaand she's back in no time!! Cleary, that plan didn't work, so rather then hanging out till the weeeee hours of the night, I call it a night and make for a cab to ensure she doesn't crack her head on anything or anyone. Good party, but I'm sooo ready for allergy season to be over!

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