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The Rebirth of Dorking out

I'm not gonna lie, my mind is still else where, but I'm trying to keep myself busy and occupied. This week has been a good week of hitting the gym, grocery store, and staying in. I've actually been getting some sleep this week! WTF? My gym plan is taking a new approach. Right now, I'm focusing all my time on cardio and abs combined with a low calorie/fat diet. The goal is to shed 20 lbs in the next 3 or so months which is doable at 1.5 lbs/week = 18-20 lbs. Once that hits, adjust to 50% weight training to build the weight back up as muscle. We'll see how that works out, but that's the plan. Watching my intake and how much I work out on calorie and so far so good even though it's currently giving me a big fat thumbs down!! Boooooo!

For recreation, since I can't be guzzling a case of beer every night while watching my weight, I've rediscovered Final Fantasy XII. Just started a new game last night… I forgot how much I really enjoyed that game! So, this is a rebirth of 3 years back I think? The old game I had when I finished it had around 140+ hours on it, so I clearly have plenty to keep me busy! If that's not enough, I was able to get through my first song on the Hard setting on Guitar Hero yesterday!! I guess it's time for me to switch over and that'll take some practice too. Nothing wrong with dorking out a little while saving some money and hopefully loosing some extra pounds.

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