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Guest Bartending

Hola party people? How was your first Party Night? Mine was good, although I can tell allergy season is DEFF upon us. It hit me as soon as I left any enclosed area's on Friday. Ugh. Waiting on the metro, aaaaaaachoo! Riding the bus… aaaaaaaachoo! Walking to the bar… Aaaaaaaachoo! Stupid pollen. Ugh. Ok, seriously, if this Singulair doesn't work, I'm getting allergy shots this year! I'm fed up!

Friday night I was able to set up a wicked special for some people and spent the night guest bar tending at a pub up in Admo for the evening. It was a great time, but I'm deff disappointed in the turn out. I thought for a great special and a pretty central location, but it just didn't pull the people. I'd have a much much bigger crowd, but the cool folks that came out had a great time. Getting off of work around 330ish or so, I find myself walking around Admo. At that time of the day, all the crowds are gone and the bars closed down. The area actually looks kind of peaceful. Birds chirping in the distance, a couple struggling to get their drunk friends in a cab and get outta here for a few hours of shut eye before they do it again. I actually just walked around for around an hour watching the cabs pass me by. I picked one up eventually rather then walking home, but what a lovely night.

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