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Good Worker

This week, my co-worker asked me to submit a recommendation for her for employee of the quarter. I'm happy to do so b/c she does a great job and doesn't get the recognition she deserves. As I was writing, I thought to myself, hey… I've been busting my a$$ this quarter and doing an a$$kicking job of getting the product out the door. It's just not my way to ask someone to submit me, I'd like to think that my quality of work this quarter getting our release done is sufficient to motivate the powers that be to nominate me on their own.

I wonder if my bosses have noticed my added effort despite my less then generous annual review raise. Ugh. I know, I know, bad economy etc etc. But still, not even cost of living is kind of an insult, don't you think? Well, only time will tell for the nomination and the economy. Even if I do get nominated, the glowing nomination that I turned in for my co-worker will be hard to over throw!

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