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I've noticed that every generation thinks they have it the best as they grow up. We had such and such, our time was better b/c of... etc. Ask anyone in any age group and you'll get that same bit. Usually, I'm totally on board with this statement. But not today. I think right now is the best time to be 20-21 actually. I mean the economy kinda sucks right now so it's a great time to be a full time student/waiter/bartender. The toys and gadgets that are so accessible and not really that expensive are all second nature to the current generation. Hell, even all the cheap cars that make great rides for college kids are so much better and cooler then they were 10 years ago. I guess watching the commercial for yet another awesome econo-box, the Kia Soul, pop on to the market makes me wonder where the hell our cool cheap cars were when I was 20.

Just a little jealous of the kids! Don't mind me!


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At Tue Apr 07, 07:18:00 PM EDT, Blogger Me said...

In 2019 that car will look dated too. It's all relative.


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