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Fuzzy Wuzzy

As I've gotten older, my body has adjusted. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, and sometimes I think it's just fcuking with me to see if I'm paying attention! Ha! My gripe today with body hair… growing up, I always hated my chest hair. But recently, my back is just getting unruly!! Well, not like that Dale Junior fan in the picture, but deff more then I want. Rather then just b!tching, I'm gonna do something about it. I've made an appointment to get that crap laser'd off!! I'm told it's less painful then a tattoo, but still not that great. But for getting rid of it once and for all… I think it's worth it!! It's not super cheap, but you only have to go to a couple of sessions and then it's gone for good. If I like how this process works, that chest hair might be next!


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