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Fcuk the Hash?

Ok, don't get twisted here, I'm not saying that. It's just a topic to discuss b/c I've heard it on soooooooo many occasions from people with broken hearts from fellow hashers. Hell, I've even said it a time or two myself in the past. But let's face it, it's just not fair to the hash. If I met a girl at the library, would I say fcuk the library? I hope not, if I did then I have issues!

How many great friends have you made along the way? How many amazing experiences have you had that you wouldn't normally have had? Think on the stories you will probably be telling the rest of your life about some crazy sh!t you did! I say think on those things next time you say fcuk the hash b/c you are upset at one person. And you know, if you areā€¦ take that anger and get involved in a way to give back to the hash. It'll take your mind off of that person, probably get you hanging with a new group of people, and you get to do some good helping out all of those that really do give soooooooo much of themselves to keep these packs running every week/month/year.

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