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Drink You Away

Listening to that Kid Rock/Cheryl Crow song yesterday, I was inspired to drink away some memories that have been troubling me lately. Around 6ish, I met up with some folks out at our usual Wednesday night starting spot. Hell, $1.50 beers... Can't beat that, right? Right, we chatted, we beer'd, we ate junk food, we beer'd, we hit on the waitress (it's cool, she's used to us!), then we beer'd some more. A couple more folks joined us for the cheap beer special and at this point, I decided not only was I gonna drink myself into a small coma but I was taking everyone with me!! Let the shots begin!! Vodka, Soco, Jager... bring it!

I learned something very important, a bar with an excellent beer special (well, maybe not all bars, but this bar) can't pour a shot to save their lives!! Really? Thanks for the freakin shot of Roses Lime juice guys. Christ… have you guys ever passed a pour test?!? I didn't send them back, I didn't b!tch about the tab, but I did tell the manager to have them pass a pour test.

$350 & another bar later I had a hard time seeing straight as did most everyone else that we rolled with tonight. I won't go into details of the evening, but there was deff dancing by most (if not all) of us, of course flirting, and good times were had by all. Catching a ride home, some fell asleep in the car, some chatted it up, but no one did any praying to the porcelain god(s). Pro! As soon as I got home, I made a samich out of my head and two couch cushions and then promptly fell asleep. Thanks for the suggestion Kid Rock, mission accomplished!

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At Thu Apr 30, 03:14:00 PM EDT, Blogger Me said...

I love that song! First heard it after the worst break up of my life that jaded me forever. At least now I can listen to it and enjoy it!


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