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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

DC Dating

There I was walking down the street in the city doing a little people watching while heading out for a night out. What? Yes, I know it was a Tuesday night, what of it? I actually find that I prefer going out on school nights for a few simple reasons: There are specials, it's not very crowded, and the people that are out are generally not amateurs.

Amateur [am-uh-tur] - noun - person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity. I'm not going out on New Years Eve, that's when all the Amateurs come out to have their one Pina Colada of the year.

Ok, that was a tangent and not relevant to what I was thinking on at the start of this post. The DC dating scene goes on for years and years and years past what most of the rest of the country does. I can't help but think of a woman I met at my first job in the DC area. She was in her late 50's and decided, "ok, it's time to settle down... I guess." At the time I thought that was a little strange, but having lived in DC for 5+ years, it actually seems the norm to me now.

This phenomena is possible (this is what I was actually pondering) b/c of a few factors. First, in a large city, there is a large dating pool. You NYC people get uppity all you want, but DC is a city and it's my city! Second, the people that survive in DC are generally more ambitious and cut from different cloth then the rest of the country. That has it's ups and downs, but in this instance the mentality of the people more often then not is I work my a$$ off for my job, my family, my friends, so I demand everything I want from my Boy/Girlfriend.

As I love to do, let's make a car analogy, shall we? Jenny would love an exotic sports car. Outside this area, she buys a sedan and is as happy as a clam for the rest of her life with it. In the city, Jenny keeps shopping till she find her exotic sports car. Then she haggles with the dealer over the price and options. If they disagree over even one option and the dollars don't match, she walks. Usually to another dealership to start the process over again. However, the wrench in the works that keeps this cycle going is that Jenny is totally ok not having a car at all.

This is not a jaded post by any means, nor am I trying to date anyone, just an observation that crossed my mind last night while I walked down the street to go meet up with some friends. Jenny is any random person by the way, no specifics here. Surprise Surprise.


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