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Beautiful Productivity

Another Saturday is upon us and Holy Productivity Batman!! Friday night I had a nice meal out with friends where I really enjoyed myself and laughed my a$$ off!! (God knows I was ready for a good laugh after last week) But it was still an early night, as a result, I was up at 830ish on a Saturday morning. Really? That's all the rest I get today? I guess it's plenty. Grabbing a quick snack, I'm off to the gym… Holy crap! ABC Kids Cartoons are still on while I'm on the cardio equipment! There's something really nice about getting gym time outta the way so early in the morning (out by 1030ish) that you have the whole day ahead of you!

It's a beautiful day, so I drop the top (First topless day of the year!!) on my Jeep and get out to run some errands. Honestly, I don't care where I go, it's just such an amazing day for a drive!! Initially, I wanted to grab a Diet Cherry Lime-aid from Sonic… I think the closest one is around 30 miles or so? While that woulda been cool, I'm going to save that for another day. Instead, I've taken care of picking up some groceries in Arlington, hit the ATM in Fall church, then off to Tyson's for another new suit, then down to Springfield for some new shoe's, off to Alexandria to visit with my Mom and bring her some lunch. She didn't like the food I brought, but other wise it was a nice visit.

Taking it back to the house, I find my roommate is STILL up playing video games from last night… yeah, it's like 4pm or some such and he's just chillin playin games. Ha! We jump into some Halo (Yes, I'm still trying to beat the first one) and get our game on for a few hours. My phone is going off a bit here and there during the game b/c my friends started partying at the Caps game around 1ish, so 5-6pm drunk dials? Hahaha… no, I'm not coming out to join you guys. By the time I got in a cab and caught up to you you'd be heading home anyways. I didn't go, but did learn later on that my hunch was correct!

Next thing I know, holy crap it's 7?!?! I'm supposed to be at a wine party right now! Crap, dressed and out the door to find a cab with one of my favorite bottles in tow for the tasting. The party was a great time, I sampled a few wines and had some great conversation with a couple friends that I haven't been able to sit down and chat with for quite some time. After the wine tasting ran out of wine (oh yeah, my bottle took second place in the Red's! Woot!), we hit a bar up the street to keep the conversation & good times going. Thanks to Nub for buying a round of drinks!!

Closing down that bar…is it 2am already?!?! We take it to another friends house who lives near by. Trading silly stories, singing songs, some playing guitar, some singing better then others clearly!! The train is clearly long gone.. Rather then waiting for it to start up again in 45 minutes or so, we all grabbed a couple hours shut eye before doing the group metro ride of shame with even more stories on the way! Poor tourists.. I think they were a little scared. And not b/c we smelled like party!

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