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Drink You Away

Listening to that Kid Rock/Cheryl Crow song yesterday, I was inspired to drink away some memories that have been troubling me lately. Around 6ish, I met up with some folks out at our usual Wednesday night starting spot. Hell, $1.50 beers... Can't beat that, right? Right, we chatted, we beer'd, we ate junk food, we beer'd, we hit on the waitress (it's cool, she's used to us!), then we beer'd some more. A couple more folks joined us for the cheap beer special and at this point, I decided not only was I gonna drink myself into a small coma but I was taking everyone with me!! Let the shots begin!! Vodka, Soco, Jager... bring it!

I learned something very important, a bar with an excellent beer special (well, maybe not all bars, but this bar) can't pour a shot to save their lives!! Really? Thanks for the freakin shot of Roses Lime juice guys. Christ… have you guys ever passed a pour test?!? I didn't send them back, I didn't b!tch about the tab, but I did tell the manager to have them pass a pour test.

$350 & another bar later I had a hard time seeing straight as did most everyone else that we rolled with tonight. I won't go into details of the evening, but there was deff dancing by most (if not all) of us, of course flirting, and good times were had by all. Catching a ride home, some fell asleep in the car, some chatted it up, but no one did any praying to the porcelain god(s). Pro! As soon as I got home, I made a samich out of my head and two couch cushions and then promptly fell asleep. Thanks for the suggestion Kid Rock, mission accomplished!

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Holy crap... way to go Singulair!! I tried it for the first time, and I don't know if it was a fluke or what but I was out doors yesterday during high/medium pollen days with out much trouble. Not just out doors, I rode my freakin bike for over 6 miles out doors!! I think I sneezed twice when I got home and adjusted to the indoor air, but that's it. Again, if this is really true, I've found a seasonal allergy medicine that works. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeell yeah!

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Late this evening, I heard thru the rumor mill about a potential date that my opportunity could actually happen. Having a date on my calender makes it feel all that much more real to me. I'm not sure if I'm excited or scared. I think I'm both. I hate being scared, I've always thought that being scared or afraid was a sign of weakness and I just won't tolerate that from myself. You can be scared and I'll think no less of you and tell you it's normal. It is. But I still won't tolerate it from myself. I guess that's a bit of a double standard, eh? Asthenophobia is actually a fear of being weak. Now there's a paradox for ya, mull that one over.

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Fcuk you very much Monday!

So Monday just didn't get off to a good start for me. Monday morning we found something busted in the system at work which I was looking into. Then I find my iPod is fcuking up, software issue. I just botched an important contract negotiation and to top it all off... my freakin laptop gets a virus!! Ugh. It'll take me the better part of the day to get the virus offa there. Grrrr. Well, you can't win 'em all, can ya?


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Tickets to the Show

Welcome to Saturday morning. Why am I up so early? I just went to bed a few hours ago!! WTF? Come on body... back to sleep with you! But it would have none of that. Today is a big day filled with cook outs, house warming's and the famous Dulles Expo Center Gun show. A couple of us load up and head towards the Dulles side of the world. Traffic? Really? Saturday around noon there's a traffic jam? Well, such is DC life. We finally arrive to take it all in, walk all the laps. I can't believe some of the stuff they are selling… 50 cal machine gun? Holy crap!! It would also seem that the country is running low on 9mm ammo. People were buying up cases of the stuff where ever they could find it!

We take off outta there and head back inside the beltway and civilization! I've got some cook outs to get to. I really wanted to go to both, but alas there just wasn't time. Boo. The second cook out was a house warming. Of course I arrived in style with a bottle of 12 year old single malt scotch for the host. I mean, we are trying to warm this place, right? Before I could even grab a beer, my allergies decided to come and give me a swift kick in the a$$... Ugh. I timed it, sneezing every 10 seconds. Wow… how hot is that? I get my hands on some Benadryl, some more Claritin, and a couple of beers which actually did the trick. That combination should put me to sleep, but instead it just curbs the sneezing. Weird.

The party is going great, I'm working the grill for some food, there's flip cup, good music, good folks, good times. After my grill work is complete, I find a little of the jungle juice (some sort of vodka and punch item) that they made and like a genius play flip cup with it. Ugh. Good job Einstein! After a couple rounds, the game broke up. But my team did great like we always do! I look around the party and see a good friend of mine who has had waaaaaaay too much to drink rocking back and forth on the banister next to the stairs. Trying to keep her from cracking her head open, I find the host to make sure he can put her somewhere safe. Aaaaand she's back in no time!! Cleary, that plan didn't work, so rather then hanging out till the weeeee hours of the night, I call it a night and make for a cab to ensure she doesn't crack her head on anything or anyone. Good party, but I'm sooo ready for allergy season to be over!

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Guest Bartending

Hola party people? How was your first Party Night? Mine was good, although I can tell allergy season is DEFF upon us. It hit me as soon as I left any enclosed area's on Friday. Ugh. Waiting on the metro, aaaaaaachoo! Riding the bus… aaaaaaaachoo! Walking to the bar… Aaaaaaaachoo! Stupid pollen. Ugh. Ok, seriously, if this Singulair doesn't work, I'm getting allergy shots this year! I'm fed up!

Friday night I was able to set up a wicked special for some people and spent the night guest bar tending at a pub up in Admo for the evening. It was a great time, but I'm deff disappointed in the turn out. I thought for a great special and a pretty central location, but it just didn't pull the people. I'd have a much much bigger crowd, but the cool folks that came out had a great time. Getting off of work around 330ish or so, I find myself walking around Admo. At that time of the day, all the crowds are gone and the bars closed down. The area actually looks kind of peaceful. Birds chirping in the distance, a couple struggling to get their drunk friends in a cab and get outta here for a few hours of shut eye before they do it again. I actually just walked around for around an hour watching the cabs pass me by. I picked one up eventually rather then walking home, but what a lovely night.

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I've been writing this blog for a couple of years now and enjoy it for many different reasons. I wouldn't call myself a great writer, hell some days not even a good one!! From time to time it's nice to know that you guys are reading, especially if it comes in the form of a compliment. On last nights 5.5 mile run (ugh… but I made it thru, so I'm deff. making progress on my running!) I was running with a friend of mine who recently stumbled across my blog from another bloggers site. 1. Thank you fellow blogger for the link and 2. Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful compliment! I've never had my writing described as "Amazing!" I really enjoyed writing this piece on DC Dating, and it looks like at least a few of you enjoyed reading it! Thank you all for stopping by for a visit and for your kind words.


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Fuzzy Wuzzy

As I've gotten older, my body has adjusted. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, and sometimes I think it's just fcuking with me to see if I'm paying attention! Ha! My gripe today with body hair… growing up, I always hated my chest hair. But recently, my back is just getting unruly!! Well, not like that Dale Junior fan in the picture, but deff more then I want. Rather then just b!tching, I'm gonna do something about it. I've made an appointment to get that crap laser'd off!! I'm told it's less painful then a tattoo, but still not that great. But for getting rid of it once and for all… I think it's worth it!! It's not super cheap, but you only have to go to a couple of sessions and then it's gone for good. If I like how this process works, that chest hair might be next!


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Fcuk the Hash?

Ok, don't get twisted here, I'm not saying that. It's just a topic to discuss b/c I've heard it on soooooooo many occasions from people with broken hearts from fellow hashers. Hell, I've even said it a time or two myself in the past. But let's face it, it's just not fair to the hash. If I met a girl at the library, would I say fcuk the library? I hope not, if I did then I have issues!

How many great friends have you made along the way? How many amazing experiences have you had that you wouldn't normally have had? Think on the stories you will probably be telling the rest of your life about some crazy sh!t you did! I say think on those things next time you say fcuk the hash b/c you are upset at one person. And you know, if you are… take that anger and get involved in a way to give back to the hash. It'll take your mind off of that person, probably get you hanging with a new group of people, and you get to do some good helping out all of those that really do give soooooooo much of themselves to keep these packs running every week/month/year.

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An opportunity has presented itself on the horizon. I don't want to say much b/c I don't want to jinx it, but I will say this... Monday's meeting went really well!!


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More dreams?

Recently, I've been having more and more vivid dreams. Last night was no exception but deff. a little confusing. I dreamt of my father of all people. While this might be normal to the average bear, for me this is really strange as I haven't spoken or seen him in over 10 years. I hold no animosity towards him. In fact, he is rarely on my mind. So why now, of all times for him to pop up in my sub conscience? Dream dictionary says:

To see your father in your dream, symbolizes authority and protection. It suggests that you need to be more self-reliant. Consider also your waking relationship with your father and how aspects of his character may be incorporated within yourself.

Really? I need to be more self reliant? Hmmm… perhaps I have been leaning on the folks around me a bit too much lately. I'll give that some thought in the coming days. I wonder if the fact that I went to bed around 8pm last night has anything to do with it? 12 hours of sleep later, I sure do feel rested after entirely too many miles on my sneakers yesterday!

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Beautiful Productivity

Another Saturday is upon us and Holy Productivity Batman!! Friday night I had a nice meal out with friends where I really enjoyed myself and laughed my a$$ off!! (God knows I was ready for a good laugh after last week) But it was still an early night, as a result, I was up at 830ish on a Saturday morning. Really? That's all the rest I get today? I guess it's plenty. Grabbing a quick snack, I'm off to the gym… Holy crap! ABC Kids Cartoons are still on while I'm on the cardio equipment! There's something really nice about getting gym time outta the way so early in the morning (out by 1030ish) that you have the whole day ahead of you!

It's a beautiful day, so I drop the top (First topless day of the year!!) on my Jeep and get out to run some errands. Honestly, I don't care where I go, it's just such an amazing day for a drive!! Initially, I wanted to grab a Diet Cherry Lime-aid from Sonic… I think the closest one is around 30 miles or so? While that woulda been cool, I'm going to save that for another day. Instead, I've taken care of picking up some groceries in Arlington, hit the ATM in Fall church, then off to Tyson's for another new suit, then down to Springfield for some new shoe's, off to Alexandria to visit with my Mom and bring her some lunch. She didn't like the food I brought, but other wise it was a nice visit.

Taking it back to the house, I find my roommate is STILL up playing video games from last night… yeah, it's like 4pm or some such and he's just chillin playin games. Ha! We jump into some Halo (Yes, I'm still trying to beat the first one) and get our game on for a few hours. My phone is going off a bit here and there during the game b/c my friends started partying at the Caps game around 1ish, so 5-6pm drunk dials? Hahaha… no, I'm not coming out to join you guys. By the time I got in a cab and caught up to you you'd be heading home anyways. I didn't go, but did learn later on that my hunch was correct!

Next thing I know, holy crap it's 7?!?! I'm supposed to be at a wine party right now! Crap, dressed and out the door to find a cab with one of my favorite bottles in tow for the tasting. The party was a great time, I sampled a few wines and had some great conversation with a couple friends that I haven't been able to sit down and chat with for quite some time. After the wine tasting ran out of wine (oh yeah, my bottle took second place in the Red's! Woot!), we hit a bar up the street to keep the conversation & good times going. Thanks to Nub for buying a round of drinks!!

Closing down that bar…is it 2am already?!?! We take it to another friends house who lives near by. Trading silly stories, singing songs, some playing guitar, some singing better then others clearly!! The train is clearly long gone.. Rather then waiting for it to start up again in 45 minutes or so, we all grabbed a couple hours shut eye before doing the group metro ride of shame with even more stories on the way! Poor tourists.. I think they were a little scared. And not b/c we smelled like party!

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Good Worker

This week, my co-worker asked me to submit a recommendation for her for employee of the quarter. I'm happy to do so b/c she does a great job and doesn't get the recognition she deserves. As I was writing, I thought to myself, hey… I've been busting my a$$ this quarter and doing an a$$kicking job of getting the product out the door. It's just not my way to ask someone to submit me, I'd like to think that my quality of work this quarter getting our release done is sufficient to motivate the powers that be to nominate me on their own.

I wonder if my bosses have noticed my added effort despite my less then generous annual review raise. Ugh. I know, I know, bad economy etc etc. But still, not even cost of living is kind of an insult, don't you think? Well, only time will tell for the nomination and the economy. Even if I do get nominated, the glowing nomination that I turned in for my co-worker will be hard to over throw!

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The Rebirth of Dorking out

I'm not gonna lie, my mind is still else where, but I'm trying to keep myself busy and occupied. This week has been a good week of hitting the gym, grocery store, and staying in. I've actually been getting some sleep this week! WTF? My gym plan is taking a new approach. Right now, I'm focusing all my time on cardio and abs combined with a low calorie/fat diet. The goal is to shed 20 lbs in the next 3 or so months which is doable at 1.5 lbs/week = 18-20 lbs. Once that hits, adjust to 50% weight training to build the weight back up as muscle. We'll see how that works out, but that's the plan. Watching my intake and how much I work out on calorie and so far so good even though it's currently giving me a big fat thumbs down!! Boooooo!

For recreation, since I can't be guzzling a case of beer every night while watching my weight, I've rediscovered Final Fantasy XII. Just started a new game last night… I forgot how much I really enjoyed that game! So, this is a rebirth of 3 years back I think? The old game I had when I finished it had around 140+ hours on it, so I clearly have plenty to keep me busy! If that's not enough, I was able to get through my first song on the Hard setting on Guitar Hero yesterday!! I guess it's time for me to switch over and that'll take some practice too. Nothing wrong with dorking out a little while saving some money and hopefully loosing some extra pounds.

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Wash Away

I'm @ the office today on this dreary looking Wednesday, yuk.. it's so gray outside. I wouldn't say I'm entirely here, my body is here. But that's about it. Mind, heart, soul... they have decided not to cooperate today in my daily work ritual. I dreamt about freakin soap last night. Really? Who the hell dreams about soap? I mean the founder of Irish Spring maybe. Let's look it up, shall we?

To see soap in your dream, indicates that you need to wash away some of your emotions or past memories.

...maybe there's something to that dream. Damn you subconscious. Go away! No one asked you to chime in... can't I just dream of fast cars and giant mud pits for my Jeep like usual? Well, it is spring cleaning time, emotions & memories should be no exception to that rule, right?


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Calendar Reminder

So here I sit at my desk, working (or rather taking a breather to write this post), clearly upset. I can't talk about it with anyone. Y? I just can't, I'm sorry. But I want to remember this day for years to come. As I've always said, I write this blog for me. I'm glad you take a moment to stop by and hope you enjoy a story, but it's ultimately for me. Let's think of this entry as a calendar reminder for one of the many times that I look back and wonder what I was up to. This is the Monday after an amazing weekend with great friends. I will miss our little crew and the hundreds of inside jokes that built up in such a short period of time.


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Getting Old

I've always heard that this happened, but until now I never believed it. As guys get older, their auto insurance goes down. Really? Naah I said to myself while paying in excess of $4k/year for my auto policy (almost my freakin car payment again each month!). As fate would have it, my policy just renewed and gone down again! For 3x the coverage and 1/10th the deductible, I'm paying only $85 more for my 6 month premium then I used to pay each month!! Nice, very nice. I knew there had to be a perk to this whole getting old bit.


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I've noticed that every generation thinks they have it the best as they grow up. We had such and such, our time was better b/c of... etc. Ask anyone in any age group and you'll get that same bit. Usually, I'm totally on board with this statement. But not today. I think right now is the best time to be 20-21 actually. I mean the economy kinda sucks right now so it's a great time to be a full time student/waiter/bartender. The toys and gadgets that are so accessible and not really that expensive are all second nature to the current generation. Hell, even all the cheap cars that make great rides for college kids are so much better and cooler then they were 10 years ago. I guess watching the commercial for yet another awesome econo-box, the Kia Soul, pop on to the market makes me wonder where the hell our cool cheap cars were when I was 20.

Just a little jealous of the kids! Don't mind me!


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DC Dating

There I was walking down the street in the city doing a little people watching while heading out for a night out. What? Yes, I know it was a Tuesday night, what of it? I actually find that I prefer going out on school nights for a few simple reasons: There are specials, it's not very crowded, and the people that are out are generally not amateurs.

Amateur [am-uh-tur] - noun - person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity. I'm not going out on New Years Eve, that's when all the Amateurs come out to have their one Pina Colada of the year.

Ok, that was a tangent and not relevant to what I was thinking on at the start of this post. The DC dating scene goes on for years and years and years past what most of the rest of the country does. I can't help but think of a woman I met at my first job in the DC area. She was in her late 50's and decided, "ok, it's time to settle down... I guess." At the time I thought that was a little strange, but having lived in DC for 5+ years, it actually seems the norm to me now.

This phenomena is possible (this is what I was actually pondering) b/c of a few factors. First, in a large city, there is a large dating pool. You NYC people get uppity all you want, but DC is a city and it's my city! Second, the people that survive in DC are generally more ambitious and cut from different cloth then the rest of the country. That has it's ups and downs, but in this instance the mentality of the people more often then not is I work my a$$ off for my job, my family, my friends, so I demand everything I want from my Boy/Girlfriend.

As I love to do, let's make a car analogy, shall we? Jenny would love an exotic sports car. Outside this area, she buys a sedan and is as happy as a clam for the rest of her life with it. In the city, Jenny keeps shopping till she find her exotic sports car. Then she haggles with the dealer over the price and options. If they disagree over even one option and the dollars don't match, she walks. Usually to another dealership to start the process over again. However, the wrench in the works that keeps this cycle going is that Jenny is totally ok not having a car at all.

This is not a jaded post by any means, nor am I trying to date anyone, just an observation that crossed my mind last night while I walked down the street to go meet up with some friends. Jenny is any random person by the way, no specifics here. Surprise Surprise.


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