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Vacay Days

Ok, what the fcuk is this perception issue that I have problems with at my office. It's clearly either me or pissy PM's at this point. At my last job, my PM claimed I was always off. a. Who gives a sh!t you don't pay me for vacay (I was straight time then)? and b. I wasn't. I keep very meticulous records of my days off he just got pissed off when I showed him counter proof and said I was wrong and he never said that in the first place. Wow, nice.

At this job, my PM now claims I take every Friday off. Really? News to me!! I would love every Friday off. The last one I took was over a month ago and was a half day at that, not even a whole day. Is she pissed at everyone else in the office that got black Friday off from our company? How about NYE's and X-Mas weekends where we were encouraged to burn leave? I didn't really want to, but sure if it'll help the office out. Wow, that favor really seems to have back fired on me.

Let's recap... in the past 5 months (19 weeks), I took one Friday off b/c it was a holiday for the entire company, I took 2 b/c we were encouraged to do so as an office, have taken 2 half days for myself so I could get a jump on traffic and two other Friday's off for this and that.

Out of 19 weeks, I used 2 days + 2 half days. That is 16%, however including what we were encouraged to take, jumps it up to 32% which I can see is now getting a little up there. So, what are my options? Not take the days they want me to take and only take the ones I want? It generally just doesn't work that way. I gotta figure something out tho, b/c that’s just ridiculous. Is it possible that people with active social lives end up screwing themselves over by taking a day here and there vs. the boring folks who just take 2 weeks all at once? That's sure what it's looking like.

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