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A Typical Week?

In the past week, I've had a snow day, helped my buddy get into his locked car at 215 in the morning, show up to the scene of a stabbing in (what I thought to be)a safe area, and am now about to have my annual review. Is this a typical week or a little high on content?

Ever since the economy has started going to hell, crime is deff. on the rise. While I agree that this is bad, it does help the world of hashing out a little bit. Very simply put, if there are real crimes out there going on, the cops really don't care about a handful of people hanging out in an alley somewhere. Great for me as I have a few more months of GMing ahead of me and I hope it to remain incident free!

Going into the weekend, I'm psyched about the UNC vs. Duke game. I have a bar tab riding on it, and if UNC plays as well as they did the last time... I can't wait to enjoy a couple rounds on my friends tab!


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