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Today.. fcuk you iPhone

I've had this phone for a few weeks now and the honey moon is deff over. While there are a ton of great apps, and I'm even getting used to the typing (ok, it pisses me off some) I can't get past just how freakin crappy the email system is. The berry used to have emails before my web system got them. This pile of monkey nuts is on like a 15 minute delay and today as an extra treat has spent all it's time trying to connect to the super fast 3g network to download emails when it claims they are already on the phone. Seriously iPhone?

I dunno, perhaps I'm too demanding on my equipment, but if anything is going to kill this device in my eyes it's going to be the email, the keyboard, and the crappy battery life. Really? I NEVER had to carry a charger everywhere I went for my berry. Hell, I'd go out of town on short trips with the berry without a charger and not have a problem. This thing is plugged in when I'm at work. It's plugged in when I'm at home and if I leave the house I carry a charger. Seriously? Get it together apple. Those are the big reasons pulling you down.


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