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Ski Trip, Short/Late Recap

I got back from the ski trip a few weeks ago but have been busy at
work and just got side tracked from posting. First off, I just want to say I had
a blast and I'm told its one of the most successful trips in years. Not
only were people not really bitching, they were actually paying us (the
organizers) compliments!!!!

I took off from work early on Friday to haul a$$ up to the mountain to
get the weekend started, load up my Jeep to the gills (as usual), pick
up my passenger and haul some serious booty! We're talkin 3 hours door
to door! Nice!! Checkin is pretty smooth thanks to my envelope idea
which seemed to be a big hit!!! Passing out the fleeces wasn't too tuff
either with some help from the lovely ladies in my condo. Wait, that's
it?? I'm pretty much done for the weekend??? Well, we had better
sample the keg beer a little to make sure its ok!!! While we're
at it a couple RBV's to get the night going too! Did I mention that we
have 3 CASES of Redbull for 3 of us?!?! How none of us had heart
attacks is beyond all of us!

I feel a little guilty b/c I didn't actually snowboard all weekend long, but the conditions weren't very good and the party kept going non-stop!! Deff one of the best ski trips I've been on in years!

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