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...or lack there of really. So a few months ago I wrote all about my new work out plan and how I was going to be spending more time in the gym and less in the bar. You remember that don't you? Well, thanks to a tag team of work travel - busted ankle - the flu - busted knee - I haven't been meeting my goals. I know, those are all excuses to keep me from doing something and I hate it. Ironically, I really haven't been as concerned about it as I expected to be given this condition.

When I'm in work out mode/phase/whatever I get pissy with myself for missing a day. Now... hell, I haven't been to the gym in March but I just can't seem to get upset about it. I'm looking to go today after a quiet night in last night, a good nights rest, and a hearty yet healthy lunch. I'll just catch a spin class or some such, but hopefully that'll jump start the work out mentality again for me.

I also had grand plans of cleaning up my finances. This is actually coming along decently. I mean, I've had a few set backs but I've also had some unexpected infusion of capital that has helped off set each instance. So overall, I guess there has been some progress when it comes to finances & having fun!! Buuuut, my physical fitness level... ugh, noooooot pretty!


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