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Do you ever stop to think about just how much pressure we all put on ourselves everyday? I was looking at a Customer Survey the other day at a dealership after I got an oil change and speaking with the service tech. "Please let me know if you don't feel comfortable calling us perfect in every category before you leave" Wow, that's a bit of a stretch. I mean, what's the scale? You guys can't touch a Lexus dealership, but then again I don't expect you to. What is perfect? I mean it was fine I'm used to their level of service at this point so I just go.

But this did get me thinking, how much pressure do we put on ourselves to be perfect in every way in everything we do? Is it just me? I tend to doubt I'm the only perfectionist out there. As a trainer, I'm forced into the same surveys every time I travel that that guy gave to me. As an employee, I'm subject to that style of annual evaluation. Well, is that it? Is it just a work thing? Don't we also push ourselves to be better for the people around us? But the best friend a friend can be? Or the best son/daughter you can be? etc. I think these are around us every day.

I'm not sure why, but this week feels like the pressure is building for me. A little at work, a little on the friend front, a little on the volunteer front, a little on the family side... it all adds up. I think a day off from the world is coming up for me and it's gonna be gooooooooooood. No cell phone, no email, nothin. Just me and what ever I feel like doing with out getting outta my PJ's! Awesome!

I guess when I take a step back and look around right now, pressure = stress. A nothing day will deff fix all of that. But I've got miles to go before any of it gets too much for me!!


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