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No shower? Yuk!

I kinda feel bad for the homeowner that owns the place where I currently rent. I mean in the past few weeks, he's had the plumber out a couple times not to mention what the other apts have called on and I know that adds up. It has nothing to do with me, but just the general wear and tear on the house. Parts get old and break down, that's just the way of it. Doesn't mean it sucks any less for him.

The current problem... shower is totally fcuk'd. No water comes out!! While it's fun taking a bath in my sink, I think I'll just pass. Despite having to hit that tub hard with CLR, that shower is one of my fav parts of my apt. Start the day with nice water pressure and plenty of hot water to soak away what ever is on your mind to begin a new! The plumbers came by yesterday, started talking about cutting holes in the wall and left. Their appointment for today isn't going to work out so the best they can do is tomorrow morning at this point. I hope they can come in and make it good as new... I miss my shower. In the mean time, gotta go commandeer someone elses shower to stay so fresh and so clean clean!


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