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Holy Detox Batman

As you may have read, I got a little sick. Well, it's all good b/c I'm betta now!! Other then getting scammed by the hospital for money I've already paid them I think this has been a good break from everything. In the past couple of days, I have done nothing!! Just sat on my a$$ eating foods so that my body has plenty of nutrients to fight off infections with and clearing out my TiVo. My TiVo went from 5 pages of stuff to 3 items!! Ha! Pretty proud there. I know, it's just watching some tube (truth be told I deff slept through some of it) but still it's a sense of accomplishment. On that same note, I also cleared out my Hulu cue. Caught up on all my Dollhouse and watched a couple Eureka's (I know, they are old).

Another thing I've managed to inadvertently do is totally detox. From everything! No caffeine, no Redbull, no Wine/beer/liquor, no second hand smokeā€¦ hell I haven't even set foot in a bar in almost 5 days!! I'm sure it does a body good, but after the past few months of partying I think my body is a little confused!! Don't worry body, we'll be out in no time!! Just you wait!


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