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D'oh... Dumbass

There I am driving down the street, running a few errands when my eyes drift off to a rocky path off the side of the road. Hmmmm... I can get through that can't I? As I picture myself skillfully maneuvering through there while any cars behind me were unable to follow, unbeknownst to me the road takes a sharp bend left.


That would be the sound of me banging up my rim on the big ass curb I just ran all over. Oooops. I go to park, inspect the tire and rim for damage, and since I can't do much go into the store to get my grocery shop on. Come back out to find a low tire. No big, that's why I carry a pump in the Jeep for just such an occasion. But it did get me thinking... if my jeep gets any taller, I'm gonna need a high lift jack just to get my rig off the ground.

Crap... totally didn't think of that!! And I also didn't think of the accessories that I'm gonna need to go with it and to mount the thing. So I'll be spending $200 shortly to outfit my rig for the even bigger tires that are going to be my next set. I probably don't need to go any bigger then 33's, but I'll deff need a jack for 'em. I wonder if I can cram 'em in there now with my ride height... Methinks I can!


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