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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Obamanomics Fail!

I'm not a fan of politics regardless of who they are, and I REALLY want GM to succeed and be a huge player in the market, but the following concept just sounds like sheer stupidity to me in a free market economy.

GM "will guarantee trade-in prices at the clean NADA retail value." Are you effing kidding me? Do they plan to pay the difference to people trading in their cars in 3, 5, 7 years to make this possible? Or do they have someone over at NADA by the balls? This sort of action will only make NADA completely worthless.

I guess it's back to Kelly Blue books for their allegedly accurate values? Ugh.

Good job thus far...I bet Columbia and Harvard are really proud.


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Fcuking Kids

With every down turn in the economy, an increase in crime is always bound to happen. That's just the way of the world. Perhaps you are stealing or scamming to make money to support the people around you or damaging other peoples goods b/c you are frustrated with your current situation. Both are pretty common in bad economic times. I've not been able to escape this lovely trend as my Jeep got keyed this weekend along the driver's side door. A$$holes. Really? I mean hell, if you stole it to sell it at least that would be profit for you, but just keying a car? Seems kinda pointless to me. I heard in Singapore they cane kids for doing that very thing. Hmmm.

I can't believe how much it'll cost to get it repaired. Including parts & labor, $900 or so. Wow! Well, at least I'll stimulate the economy. Good thing insurance is helping me out a bit on that tab!


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The Network is Down

Today has been the least productive day ever. I consistently forget just how much we rely on computers until the network goes down. My day consisted of coming into work, finding out the systems were all off line, and finding something to do for the next 8 hours. Some people were filing or cleaning their desks but since my desk is always clean and I keep everything digitally there just wasn't much I could do with that. The day continued in that nature of going for a coffee, or running to the bank until we were sent home to work from home for the rest of the day since for some reason we could access the network from home. Bizarre. Sometimes, it's just nice to be a full time employee and get paid for days like that. Can you imagine the bill on loss of productivity for one day like that? I bet it's just silly!!


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I'm a moron

Ok, there I was at the bar last night hanging out with a group of folks having a good time which led to me talking to a really attractive girl for a bit. We were chatting chatting chatting and my eyes kept drifting downwards a couple of times. She was wearing a cute low cut top showing just enough so she does the whole I'm up here motion thinking that I'm staring at her boobs. Ok, that's fair. What she failed to realize was that she had a Blackberry in her lap with the screen display on. My response to her motion:

No, I'm actually trying to see what your screen time out settings are on your Blackberry.

Dumba$$... You shoulda just told me you were looking at my tits!

If you know me at all, you know I actually was looking at her Blackberry! Wow... hitting on someone epic fail! You can't make this sh!t up!


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What a waste...

Yesterday, I attended a funeral service for a beautiful, kind, charming, and sweet young woman. She was a mother that would have done anything for her kids and had a smile that would brighten any room. The picture below doesn't do her justice as she was absolutely stunning.

I've never seen a service so full. The parking lot was packed, the over flow lot was packed. In fact, it was standing room only out side the doors when I got there. Truly, she has touched many lives.

When I went to the service, I thought to myself I'm tough, I don't need a tissue. I don't cry... I was wrong. When her little boy got up in front of everyone to tell them that "he had the best mommy ever" anyone with out a tear in their eyes had their emotional wall torn down right at that very moment.

Rest In Peace Crissy Palese, you will be missed by all

Cristina "Crissy" L. Palese passed On Saturday, March 21, 2009 in Alexandria, VA. Beloved wife of Christopher R. Mickey. Mother of Madeline Mickey and Kyle M. Palese-Westerlind. Daughter of Michael L. Palese and the late Margaret M. Palese; sister of Michael D. Palese and Danielle M. Barber and her husband Steven. Also survived by Kyle's father Thomas Westerlind. Friends may call the JEFFERSON FUNERAL CHAPEL, 5755 Castlewellan Dr., Alexandria (1 block south of the intersection of Franconia Rd. and South Van Dorn St.) 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 25, where funeral services will begin at 3 p.m. Interment private. The family request memorial contributions be made to Children's Hospital.


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D'oh... Dumbass

There I am driving down the street, running a few errands when my eyes drift off to a rocky path off the side of the road. Hmmmm... I can get through that can't I? As I picture myself skillfully maneuvering through there while any cars behind me were unable to follow, unbeknownst to me the road takes a sharp bend left.


That would be the sound of me banging up my rim on the big ass curb I just ran all over. Oooops. I go to park, inspect the tire and rim for damage, and since I can't do much go into the store to get my grocery shop on. Come back out to find a low tire. No big, that's why I carry a pump in the Jeep for just such an occasion. But it did get me thinking... if my jeep gets any taller, I'm gonna need a high lift jack just to get my rig off the ground.

Crap... totally didn't think of that!! And I also didn't think of the accessories that I'm gonna need to go with it and to mount the thing. So I'll be spending $200 shortly to outfit my rig for the even bigger tires that are going to be my next set. I probably don't need to go any bigger then 33's, but I'll deff need a jack for 'em. I wonder if I can cram 'em in there now with my ride height... Methinks I can!


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...or lack there of really. So a few months ago I wrote all about my new work out plan and how I was going to be spending more time in the gym and less in the bar. You remember that don't you? Well, thanks to a tag team of work travel - busted ankle - the flu - busted knee - I haven't been meeting my goals. I know, those are all excuses to keep me from doing something and I hate it. Ironically, I really haven't been as concerned about it as I expected to be given this condition.

When I'm in work out mode/phase/whatever I get pissy with myself for missing a day. Now... hell, I haven't been to the gym in March but I just can't seem to get upset about it. I'm looking to go today after a quiet night in last night, a good nights rest, and a hearty yet healthy lunch. I'll just catch a spin class or some such, but hopefully that'll jump start the work out mentality again for me.

I also had grand plans of cleaning up my finances. This is actually coming along decently. I mean, I've had a few set backs but I've also had some unexpected infusion of capital that has helped off set each instance. So overall, I guess there has been some progress when it comes to finances & having fun!! Buuuut, my physical fitness level... ugh, noooooot pretty!


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The Battle is Over

Well, it's done. Did the iPhone win me over? No shock to any of you, it did not. What did shock me is the why however. Ultimately it was the email server, not an item that I even considered when going over to the iPhone, that sealed it's fate. Followed closely by battery life and keyboard tho. iPhone's email server is just slow and clumsy. I'm back on the Berry now and getting emails in less then 4 seconds!!! Yeah, I took a break from this post to check the speed… Seriously, 4 seconds for a test email. Possibly faster, but I didn't have a stop watch for this test.

Initially, I went back to my 8300 curve and was happy with it, but accidentally broke the screen Saturday so had to pick up a shiny new Red Curve 8310 with GPS. Mmmmm…. I likes!! And what's even better? I don't have to have it plugged in all day long worried that the effing battery won't last an entire day!! Something I have taken away from this whole experience is that Blackberry has plenty of Apps. They may not have as many as the iPhone does but they still have a ton of apps. I have my FB, weather, and with the new OS 4.5 update, even my YouTube is going to be there. Other then that's what she said and Urban spoon, I'm really not sure I'm missing out on any apps.

Literally, all I really want is a Blackberry Curve with iTunes. That's all that the iPhone had going for it that was better then the berry. In the mean time, I'm happy to have a well performing phone like the berry and I'll just tote along my iPod for tunes. Man, it feels good to be back. I missed you berry.


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Palace of Wonders

Ok, I just rediscovered this place and it is a cool/fun little dive. I like it sooo much in fact, that I'm adding it to the list of places everyone should go when they visit DC. With off the wall shows almost every night, drink prices that won't break the bank & popcorn/hot dogs for sale it's a must see/do in DC.


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Holy Detox Batman

As you may have read, I got a little sick. Well, it's all good b/c I'm betta now!! Other then getting scammed by the hospital for money I've already paid them I think this has been a good break from everything. In the past couple of days, I have done nothing!! Just sat on my a$$ eating foods so that my body has plenty of nutrients to fight off infections with and clearing out my TiVo. My TiVo went from 5 pages of stuff to 3 items!! Ha! Pretty proud there. I know, it's just watching some tube (truth be told I deff slept through some of it) but still it's a sense of accomplishment. On that same note, I also cleared out my Hulu cue. Caught up on all my Dollhouse and watched a couple Eureka's (I know, they are old).

Another thing I've managed to inadvertently do is totally detox. From everything! No caffeine, no Redbull, no Wine/beer/liquor, no second hand smoke… hell I haven't even set foot in a bar in almost 5 days!! I'm sure it does a body good, but after the past few months of partying I think my body is a little confused!! Don't worry body, we'll be out in no time!! Just you wait!


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Well, it's happened again. My annual "I'm sick as fcuk" week of bed rest when I've finally run my body into the ground. This time, it's the Flu. A fun couple of days of high fever, body aches, and sleep sleep sleep. On the plus side, I've totally cleaned out my TiVo and my Hulu cue. Sweet!!

Tomorrow I'm back to work and to the rest of the world to catch up on all that I missed out on. I'm sure it'll all still be there.


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Vacay Days

Ok, what the fcuk is this perception issue that I have problems with at my office. It's clearly either me or pissy PM's at this point. At my last job, my PM claimed I was always off. a. Who gives a sh!t you don't pay me for vacay (I was straight time then)? and b. I wasn't. I keep very meticulous records of my days off he just got pissed off when I showed him counter proof and said I was wrong and he never said that in the first place. Wow, nice.

At this job, my PM now claims I take every Friday off. Really? News to me!! I would love every Friday off. The last one I took was over a month ago and was a half day at that, not even a whole day. Is she pissed at everyone else in the office that got black Friday off from our company? How about NYE's and X-Mas weekends where we were encouraged to burn leave? I didn't really want to, but sure if it'll help the office out. Wow, that favor really seems to have back fired on me.

Let's recap... in the past 5 months (19 weeks), I took one Friday off b/c it was a holiday for the entire company, I took 2 b/c we were encouraged to do so as an office, have taken 2 half days for myself so I could get a jump on traffic and two other Friday's off for this and that.

Out of 19 weeks, I used 2 days + 2 half days. That is 16%, however including what we were encouraged to take, jumps it up to 32% which I can see is now getting a little up there. So, what are my options? Not take the days they want me to take and only take the ones I want? It generally just doesn't work that way. I gotta figure something out tho, b/c that’s just ridiculous. Is it possible that people with active social lives end up screwing themselves over by taking a day here and there vs. the boring folks who just take 2 weeks all at once? That's sure what it's looking like.

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Today.. fcuk you iPhone

I've had this phone for a few weeks now and the honey moon is deff over. While there are a ton of great apps, and I'm even getting used to the typing (ok, it pisses me off some) I can't get past just how freakin crappy the email system is. The berry used to have emails before my web system got them. This pile of monkey nuts is on like a 15 minute delay and today as an extra treat has spent all it's time trying to connect to the super fast 3g network to download emails when it claims they are already on the phone. Seriously iPhone?

I dunno, perhaps I'm too demanding on my equipment, but if anything is going to kill this device in my eyes it's going to be the email, the keyboard, and the crappy battery life. Really? I NEVER had to carry a charger everywhere I went for my berry. Hell, I'd go out of town on short trips with the berry without a charger and not have a problem. This thing is plugged in when I'm at work. It's plugged in when I'm at home and if I leave the house I carry a charger. Seriously? Get it together apple. Those are the big reasons pulling you down.


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No shower? Yuk!

I kinda feel bad for the homeowner that owns the place where I currently rent. I mean in the past few weeks, he's had the plumber out a couple times not to mention what the other apts have called on and I know that adds up. It has nothing to do with me, but just the general wear and tear on the house. Parts get old and break down, that's just the way of it. Doesn't mean it sucks any less for him.

The current problem... shower is totally fcuk'd. No water comes out!! While it's fun taking a bath in my sink, I think I'll just pass. Despite having to hit that tub hard with CLR, that shower is one of my fav parts of my apt. Start the day with nice water pressure and plenty of hot water to soak away what ever is on your mind to begin a new! The plumbers came by yesterday, started talking about cutting holes in the wall and left. Their appointment for today isn't going to work out so the best they can do is tomorrow morning at this point. I hope they can come in and make it good as new... I miss my shower. In the mean time, gotta go commandeer someone elses shower to stay so fresh and so clean clean!


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A Typical Week?

In the past week, I've had a snow day, helped my buddy get into his locked car at 215 in the morning, show up to the scene of a stabbing in (what I thought to be)a safe area, and am now about to have my annual review. Is this a typical week or a little high on content?

Ever since the economy has started going to hell, crime is deff. on the rise. While I agree that this is bad, it does help the world of hashing out a little bit. Very simply put, if there are real crimes out there going on, the cops really don't care about a handful of people hanging out in an alley somewhere. Great for me as I have a few more months of GMing ahead of me and I hope it to remain incident free!

Going into the weekend, I'm psyched about the UNC vs. Duke game. I have a bar tab riding on it, and if UNC plays as well as they did the last time... I can't wait to enjoy a couple rounds on my friends tab!


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Do you ever stop to think about just how much pressure we all put on ourselves everyday? I was looking at a Customer Survey the other day at a dealership after I got an oil change and speaking with the service tech. "Please let me know if you don't feel comfortable calling us perfect in every category before you leave" Wow, that's a bit of a stretch. I mean, what's the scale? You guys can't touch a Lexus dealership, but then again I don't expect you to. What is perfect? I mean it was fine I'm used to their level of service at this point so I just go.

But this did get me thinking, how much pressure do we put on ourselves to be perfect in every way in everything we do? Is it just me? I tend to doubt I'm the only perfectionist out there. As a trainer, I'm forced into the same surveys every time I travel that that guy gave to me. As an employee, I'm subject to that style of annual evaluation. Well, is that it? Is it just a work thing? Don't we also push ourselves to be better for the people around us? But the best friend a friend can be? Or the best son/daughter you can be? etc. I think these are around us every day.

I'm not sure why, but this week feels like the pressure is building for me. A little at work, a little on the friend front, a little on the volunteer front, a little on the family side... it all adds up. I think a day off from the world is coming up for me and it's gonna be gooooooooooood. No cell phone, no email, nothin. Just me and what ever I feel like doing with out getting outta my PJ's! Awesome!

I guess when I take a step back and look around right now, pressure = stress. A nothing day will deff fix all of that. But I've got miles to go before any of it gets too much for me!!


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Gonna be... of them days. I can feel it already! =)


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Ski Trip, Short/Late Recap

I got back from the ski trip a few weeks ago but have been busy at
work and just got side tracked from posting. First off, I just want to say I had
a blast and I'm told its one of the most successful trips in years. Not
only were people not really bitching, they were actually paying us (the
organizers) compliments!!!!

I took off from work early on Friday to haul a$$ up to the mountain to
get the weekend started, load up my Jeep to the gills (as usual), pick
up my passenger and haul some serious booty! We're talkin 3 hours door
to door! Nice!! Checkin is pretty smooth thanks to my envelope idea
which seemed to be a big hit!!! Passing out the fleeces wasn't too tuff
either with some help from the lovely ladies in my condo. Wait, that's
it?? I'm pretty much done for the weekend??? Well, we had better
sample the keg beer a little to make sure its ok!!! While we're
at it a couple RBV's to get the night going too! Did I mention that we
have 3 CASES of Redbull for 3 of us?!?! How none of us had heart
attacks is beyond all of us!

I feel a little guilty b/c I didn't actually snowboard all weekend long, but the conditions weren't very good and the party kept going non-stop!! Deff one of the best ski trips I've been on in years!

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