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Taking the Plunge

I've finally done it. I've joined the ranks of what I believe to be the future of mobile communications and gone touch screen on my phones. Yes, the super blackberry fan finally went iPhone. Blasphemy you say? Perhaps. The transition in the store was so fast, that I blinked and next thing you know my iPhone was ringing and my berry was holding onto a deactivated SIM card. It would be nice if I could keep both turned on and active on the same line with diff SIM cards. I'm not sure why, but I think I'd like to keep both. Same number and all, I guess I just want it all.

So, you are thinking iPhone or Berry, eh? Let's see what's what b/t the two from my perspective, shall we?

Apps – there really is an app for everything, and they are effing cool. Some are free, some you pay for but they really are great.
iTunes – Having my iPod with me wherever I go is awesome. I love the extra space since I got the big boy iPhone, so I have no problems tossing a movie on there too for when I travel.
Maps – The maps combined with the GPS work really well. The triangulation is VERY accurate, and they map imaging is very fast even when you are scrolling with live traffic enabled.
Games – I think this would still fall under apps, but the games are pretty good, abundant and the touch screen makes them all very intuitive to play.
Internet – You really do get the whole internet, not just mobile versions.

The Verdict
A freaking cool toy (yes, it's just as cool as it looks in the commercials) with lots of shiny things that's great for play and can do a little work too. But don't get confused, bottom line is that this IS a toy.

BlackBerry Curve
Keyboard – This thing is great. I can destroy all in my path on that thing. Post blogs, email, everything... I'm fast fast fast! Did I mention this beats the crap out of the touch screen iPhone keyboard? B/c it does.
Battery Life – Is AWESOME!! I'm a HEAVY user, but even on my worst days I won't drain a full battery.
Email – No one can touch RIM's email service. It's fast and efficient.
Google Talk – This app for Berry works great. Runs behind the scenes just like your gChat does in gMail. The IM's show up in your inbox so it's as easy as checking your email to reply.
MMS – You can send MMS's with no problems.
Camera – There is a flash on Curve while the iPhone doesn't have one.

The Verdict
The Berry is a refined tool that has been upgraded with each and every model to come to where we are now. Great job RIM! Bottom line, this is amazing tool that can do some fun things as well.

For now, I have my iPhone and am enjoying it. But I can already feel some of the parts where iPhone lags behind in the business world.


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