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Still Fcuking with it

The iPhone is over a week old at this point and I'm still draining 2+ batteries per day just messing around with it. Ok, I guess that means it is pretty cool. I've been downloading apps, music on the fly, and I've even got a profile that looks like a mobile version of Vista. Ha! The least Mac looking iPhone ever! Don't get me started on the clean look of the apps. No more then 8 to a page, grouped by type or usability. Did I mention they were alphabetized on each page too? Yeah, I know… OCD much?

Luckily for me, there are a decent sized group of folks around me that have an iPhone too so they can steer me in the right direction for the best apps or the cool themes and what not. As I had expected, I like the iTunes on it the best. The email is no match for the berry, but it's ok for what it is. I am happy to report I'm getting better on the keyboard. I wouldn't call it lightning fast, but progress is progress.


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