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Hotel Showers

I've started traveling a good bit in the past year or so, not too much, but averaging out to about once a month I'm out of town at some hotel or another. One strange thing that I've started to take notice of where ever I stay is the showers. There's just something about a good shower that can start the day off on the right foot or wash away the crap from a loooooooooong night. Clearly, this is a huuuuuuge thing for business travelers as I actually saw one guy going through security at an airport with his own shower nozzle. Strange!

My recent trip took me to Columbus where I stayed at a nice hotel, I think they classify themselves 4 star, and everything was wonderful, save the shower. Click the picture up above, it should expand to full size when you do to see a bigger picture of what I'm describing. While this design looks very beautiful when you walk in... beautiful lightly tinted heavy glass, chrome handles and shower head. Almost elegant! In practice, this design SUCKS!! Think about the nice steam that you enjoy during your shower, the warmth it gives when you step out of the direct path of the water. Now imagine it GONE! That's what they've done with this crap shower design.

Maybe this helps them save water? By making a shower no one wants to stay in longer then they have to, they have seen significant savings on their utility bill? I mean really, hang some beads for crying out loud. Something!! Save my precious heat! My work around, is to get up early, go in and turn the water on hot to steam up the entire bathroom. It's not great, but it sure does help. I've never been so happy to get back to my crappy tub that needs yet another scrubbing with some CLR in my life! Mmmmm.... shower!


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