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Hidden Treasure

Every time I work from home, I end up making camp on my couch with my laptop on my lap and slouching using the couch seat for a mouse pad. This leaves for a sore back and very little in the way of productivity. If only I had a flat surface of some sort to use and a comfortable chair... and all of a sudden like magic, I looked over to the right and discovered (pause for suspense) my own dining room table!!

I'm not sure why, but for months and months, I have put my bag in my comfy office chair and just walked past my dining room table not noticing either and not putting them together to make a desk! Today... I put 2 and 2 together and actually came up with 3.8!! (It rounds of to 4, ha!) So, here I am on two lap tops and an iPhone gettin my work on. Nice! Well, not really nice since I'm working at home, but there's good space and a very comfy desk set up. Methinks I'll be working from home more often with this new game plan!!

Oh yeah, and my TV is off in the distance so I can clear out my TiVo out of the corner of my eye for back ground noise!


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