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Hello Ciiiiity...

Good evening campers, how are ya? This evening finds me in fun fun Ohio. One of the flattest places on the planet next to your sister!! I kid, I kid, your sisters actually kinda hot! Seriously tho, I'm in Ohio and staring out the window of my hotel room on the 20th floor while I type it up. And boy can you see for miiiiiiiiiiles here. In addition to the view, the cell phone reception is pretty good too!

So far, this business trip has gone well. My boss is getting some much needed rest so she's not a cranky pants any more and I'm getting some much needed per diem b/c well, I like to have an extra chunk of change after this weekends record breaking bar tabs! Well, when you go out... go out like it's your last night out, right? Too bad it costs an arm and a leg!

The plan since my boss/co-worker is in bed at like 6pm, they both promised that we'd go out tomorrow night. Me, I'm cool either way. But they really stress that they can hang when they both fall asleep at either 8pm or after 1.5 drinks. But A for effort on their part, right? Ha! We'll see how that goes tomorrowish!

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