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Hearty Topix

The heart is a strange and amazingly resound part of each and everyone of us. I mean, stop to think about the heartbreak(s) that you have felt over the years. At some precise moment(or moments, others are more willing to open up) in time, everything around you stopped. You kind of wanted to die a little from the pain that wasn't physically present in any way yet felt in every last corner of your body. Hell, your finger nails event hurt!

After some length of time and gallons of tears later, you decide all will be well. And in time the cycle begins anew with that first glance, that first date, that first kiss. And as you follow this course, open yourself up to be vulnerable to another with the hopes of finding someone who can or will or cares to understand you.

Ok, that's pretty standard stuff and you all know it. So why write about it? Recently a couple of women have affected my life and helped me see some truths in myself that I didn't know were there. One made me see what one of the others was saying to be surprisingly true. Another helped me realize what I'd felt all along (yes, I know. Vague much? It's intentional). And in all of this, they have all helped me rekindle the thought of happily ever after that a cynic like me gave up on years ago.

This isn't a tale of another player seeing 5 or so women at a time. Each of these strong women has had different parts in my life that varied from bff to crush to heart breaker to confidant over a 12 month or so window. Don't bother asking for names b/c you know I don't and won't do that. If you think it's you, it probably is and I want to thank you for your part in my life.

The typical debauchery filled posts will be back asap. Today, I am a little more pensive then the average bear. ....see you next time cyber-space cowboy


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