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Busy Week

Yet again I have fallen behind on my blogging, I hope this doesn't start to become a pattern!!! This week, I have been swamped with... Gasp... Actual work!!! On the plus side, it looks like my bosses are appreciating my contribution, however this appreciation comes with a price.... I have to have my work laptop with me on ski trip weekend. :( Well, guess no lift ticket for me. Maybe I can get a few runs in between looking in the system??? Right? Right?
Being GM has been good so far, no problems as yet. But just you wait, I'm sure they are around the corner!! Hopefully, the MM around me are as good as I think they are and it'll be a smooooooth year! That's all I got for now, gotta hop off the train and do my GM bit tonight.
.....See you next time cyberspace cowboy.


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