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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

New Hobby

You may or may not know this, but I've wanted to own a hand gun since I was 21 and could legally purchase one. Partly for personal protection, but mostly to put holes in paper targets at the range. So, I've gone about this the responsible way. I took a course from an NRA instructor on proper maintenance and cleaning on all the basic styles of personal fire arm, and have decided (after shopping around a bit) that the Glock 19 is a good fit for my needs and is a comfortable size for my hand.

Last night, I finished up my NRA course with some practical exercises of aiming and targeting using a rented Glock 19 from the range (which needed to be cleaned BADLY!) and a Glock 26 (a baby Glock, but great to carry concealed) with no misfires and no jamming. My instructor informed me of my excellent progress, I think there might have been talk of being a natural but I don't wanna get into it. Rather then paper targets, we were shooting at index cards at 7 yards. I think it's good to have that sort of precision with a hand gun b/c if I did come into a situation where I had to defend myself with possible deadly force, I'd rather just wound or incapacitate my aggressor and let the law deal with them. Then again, I hope it never comes to that and I can just continue putting holes in paper at the range.

After an excellent story I heard in class from my instructor, I think a shotgun is also going on the shopping list for home defense. Not trying to start world war thirteen or anything, but the sound of cocking a shotgun will more often then not prevent any shots being fired.


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Still Fcuking with it

The iPhone is over a week old at this point and I'm still draining 2+ batteries per day just messing around with it. Ok, I guess that means it is pretty cool. I've been downloading apps, music on the fly, and I've even got a profile that looks like a mobile version of Vista. Ha! The least Mac looking iPhone ever! Don't get me started on the clean look of the apps. No more then 8 to a page, grouped by type or usability. Did I mention they were alphabetized on each page too? Yeah, I know… OCD much?

Luckily for me, there are a decent sized group of folks around me that have an iPhone too so they can steer me in the right direction for the best apps or the cool themes and what not. As I had expected, I like the iTunes on it the best. The email is no match for the berry, but it's ok for what it is. I am happy to report I'm getting better on the keyboard. I wouldn't call it lightning fast, but progress is progress.


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Limits?? Eff 'em!

There are some among us that excel b/c of natural talents or ability to hustle our way through life... then there are the rest of us that have to fight for every inch! No, I'm not going to do the Al Pacino speech from Any Given Sunday! But I think the concept is the same. Each and every day, most of us get up and push ourselves harder in many different ways. Whether it's an extra set in the gym, taking that 8pm conference call in the office, missing sleep to stay ahead of the curve in the classroom, or perhaps sacrificing that new toy you've been drooling over to take your friends out. That's all part of what makes DC a great place, the fact that everyone is always pushing themselves just that much more. Seriously, think about your own life for a minute. I know right now, you can point out at least one person that does that. Maybe you are that person.

I like to think that I'm no exception to this concept. I push myself beyond my limits physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually... you-name-it-ually! And in the same way that your muscles get sore from many repeated work outs, I think when I fall into a funk it's the exact same concept. I've pushed myself too hard in some form (non physical) and that specific area needs to be rested before I’m 110% again.

Let's take a look right now... My leg is hurting me (yes, it's my fault, moving on) so I'm beyond my physical limit for a short while and I've got some stuff still weighing on my mind which would account for some emotional limits. I prescribe some down time to reflect on this and some rest for that leg! Let's see if I can follow my own advice. Wish me luck.

Something tells me we'll discuss this again. Probably the next time I push myself beyond one of my preset limits! It's almost like a pattern, huh? =)


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Hidden Treasure

Every time I work from home, I end up making camp on my couch with my laptop on my lap and slouching using the couch seat for a mouse pad. This leaves for a sore back and very little in the way of productivity. If only I had a flat surface of some sort to use and a comfortable chair... and all of a sudden like magic, I looked over to the right and discovered (pause for suspense) my own dining room table!!

I'm not sure why, but for months and months, I have put my bag in my comfy office chair and just walked past my dining room table not noticing either and not putting them together to make a desk! Today... I put 2 and 2 together and actually came up with 3.8!! (It rounds of to 4, ha!) So, here I am on two lap tops and an iPhone gettin my work on. Nice! Well, not really nice since I'm working at home, but there's good space and a very comfy desk set up. Methinks I'll be working from home more often with this new game plan!!

Oh yeah, and my TV is off in the distance so I can clear out my TiVo out of the corner of my eye for back ground noise!


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Hotel Showers

I've started traveling a good bit in the past year or so, not too much, but averaging out to about once a month I'm out of town at some hotel or another. One strange thing that I've started to take notice of where ever I stay is the showers. There's just something about a good shower that can start the day off on the right foot or wash away the crap from a loooooooooong night. Clearly, this is a huuuuuuge thing for business travelers as I actually saw one guy going through security at an airport with his own shower nozzle. Strange!

My recent trip took me to Columbus where I stayed at a nice hotel, I think they classify themselves 4 star, and everything was wonderful, save the shower. Click the picture up above, it should expand to full size when you do to see a bigger picture of what I'm describing. While this design looks very beautiful when you walk in... beautiful lightly tinted heavy glass, chrome handles and shower head. Almost elegant! In practice, this design SUCKS!! Think about the nice steam that you enjoy during your shower, the warmth it gives when you step out of the direct path of the water. Now imagine it GONE! That's what they've done with this crap shower design.

Maybe this helps them save water? By making a shower no one wants to stay in longer then they have to, they have seen significant savings on their utility bill? I mean really, hang some beads for crying out loud. Something!! Save my precious heat! My work around, is to get up early, go in and turn the water on hot to steam up the entire bathroom. It's not great, but it sure does help. I've never been so happy to get back to my crappy tub that needs yet another scrubbing with some CLR in my life! Mmmmm.... shower!


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Taking the Plunge

I've finally done it. I've joined the ranks of what I believe to be the future of mobile communications and gone touch screen on my phones. Yes, the super blackberry fan finally went iPhone. Blasphemy you say? Perhaps. The transition in the store was so fast, that I blinked and next thing you know my iPhone was ringing and my berry was holding onto a deactivated SIM card. It would be nice if I could keep both turned on and active on the same line with diff SIM cards. I'm not sure why, but I think I'd like to keep both. Same number and all, I guess I just want it all.

So, you are thinking iPhone or Berry, eh? Let's see what's what b/t the two from my perspective, shall we?

Apps – there really is an app for everything, and they are effing cool. Some are free, some you pay for but they really are great.
iTunes – Having my iPod with me wherever I go is awesome. I love the extra space since I got the big boy iPhone, so I have no problems tossing a movie on there too for when I travel.
Maps – The maps combined with the GPS work really well. The triangulation is VERY accurate, and they map imaging is very fast even when you are scrolling with live traffic enabled.
Games – I think this would still fall under apps, but the games are pretty good, abundant and the touch screen makes them all very intuitive to play.
Internet – You really do get the whole internet, not just mobile versions.

The Verdict
A freaking cool toy (yes, it's just as cool as it looks in the commercials) with lots of shiny things that's great for play and can do a little work too. But don't get confused, bottom line is that this IS a toy.

BlackBerry Curve
Keyboard – This thing is great. I can destroy all in my path on that thing. Post blogs, email, everything... I'm fast fast fast! Did I mention this beats the crap out of the touch screen iPhone keyboard? B/c it does.
Battery Life – Is AWESOME!! I'm a HEAVY user, but even on my worst days I won't drain a full battery.
Email – No one can touch RIM's email service. It's fast and efficient.
Google Talk – This app for Berry works great. Runs behind the scenes just like your gChat does in gMail. The IM's show up in your inbox so it's as easy as checking your email to reply.
MMS – You can send MMS's with no problems.
Camera – There is a flash on Curve while the iPhone doesn't have one.

The Verdict
The Berry is a refined tool that has been upgraded with each and every model to come to where we are now. Great job RIM! Bottom line, this is amazing tool that can do some fun things as well.

For now, I have my iPhone and am enjoying it. But I can already feel some of the parts where iPhone lags behind in the business world.


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Out for a run

As you may well know I fcuked up my ankle about 6 months ago or so and as a result have been unable to run. Well, recently my ankle Physical Therapy has gone well, I picked up a decent ankle brace and I'm trying to slowly (did I say slowly??) get back into it. Went for a longer run/walk last Tuesday at the sh!t which went well but was waaaay too long for me.

Monday I ran 1.5 miles @ around a 11.54 minute pace. I know, I know. Sounds like a leisurely stroll through the park.

Tuesday I ran another 1.5 miles, this time at a 10:20 pace. Still not that fast, but a vast improvement over yesterday.

Right this moment, my goal is to go pick up a new pair of running kicks when I get home and get my run times down. Lower run times = better fitness = better shape for me!! Wish me luck and I hope I'll stick with it. My knee is doing great, and my ankle isn't hurting with the new brace I got, might even do that iPod running gizmo to help track it. So far, all plans till I actually get off my a$$!


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Hello Ciiiiity...

Good evening campers, how are ya? This evening finds me in fun fun Ohio. One of the flattest places on the planet next to your sister!! I kid, I kid, your sisters actually kinda hot! Seriously tho, I'm in Ohio and staring out the window of my hotel room on the 20th floor while I type it up. And boy can you see for miiiiiiiiiiles here. In addition to the view, the cell phone reception is pretty good too!

So far, this business trip has gone well. My boss is getting some much needed rest so she's not a cranky pants any more and I'm getting some much needed per diem b/c well, I like to have an extra chunk of change after this weekends record breaking bar tabs! Well, when you go out... go out like it's your last night out, right? Too bad it costs an arm and a leg!

The plan since my boss/co-worker is in bed at like 6pm, they both promised that we'd go out tomorrow night. Me, I'm cool either way. But they really stress that they can hang when they both fall asleep at either 8pm or after 1.5 drinks. But A for effort on their part, right? Ha! We'll see how that goes tomorrowish!

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Hearty Topix

The heart is a strange and amazingly resound part of each and everyone of us. I mean, stop to think about the heartbreak(s) that you have felt over the years. At some precise moment(or moments, others are more willing to open up) in time, everything around you stopped. You kind of wanted to die a little from the pain that wasn't physically present in any way yet felt in every last corner of your body. Hell, your finger nails event hurt!

After some length of time and gallons of tears later, you decide all will be well. And in time the cycle begins anew with that first glance, that first date, that first kiss. And as you follow this course, open yourself up to be vulnerable to another with the hopes of finding someone who can or will or cares to understand you.

Ok, that's pretty standard stuff and you all know it. So why write about it? Recently a couple of women have affected my life and helped me see some truths in myself that I didn't know were there. One made me see what one of the others was saying to be surprisingly true. Another helped me realize what I'd felt all along (yes, I know. Vague much? It's intentional). And in all of this, they have all helped me rekindle the thought of happily ever after that a cynic like me gave up on years ago.

This isn't a tale of another player seeing 5 or so women at a time. Each of these strong women has had different parts in my life that varied from bff to crush to heart breaker to confidant over a 12 month or so window. Don't bother asking for names b/c you know I don't and won't do that. If you think it's you, it probably is and I want to thank you for your part in my life.

The typical debauchery filled posts will be back asap. Today, I am a little more pensive then the average bear. ....see you next time cyber-space cowboy


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Happy Valentines

Happy VD everyone!! I'm stuck in my office getting some work done, so I thought I'd drop a quick note with some thoughts. If you love today, then love with all your heart!! If you hate today? Well... stay in and play some video games 'cause you are soooooo not gonna wanna see all the mushyness out there! =)


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Busy Week

Yet again I have fallen behind on my blogging, I hope this doesn't start to become a pattern!!! This week, I have been swamped with... Gasp... Actual work!!! On the plus side, it looks like my bosses are appreciating my contribution, however this appreciation comes with a price.... I have to have my work laptop with me on ski trip weekend. :( Well, guess no lift ticket for me. Maybe I can get a few runs in between looking in the system??? Right? Right?
Being GM has been good so far, no problems as yet. But just you wait, I'm sure they are around the corner!! Hopefully, the MM around me are as good as I think they are and it'll be a smooooooth year! That's all I got for now, gotta hop off the train and do my GM bit tonight.
.....See you next time cyberspace cowboy.


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