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I have nooooooooooo idea how I drug a$$ outta bed the next morning after that awesome show the night before, but somehow it was done! Hung over and all, I hit the road for a great day of snowboarding at White Tail. This is actually a very historic mountain for me. This is the mountain that I finally started snowboarding on. I came up here either alone or with some people, I can't remember. Skied the entire mountain in 30 mins, looked around and said, "ok, now what?" So, I hit the rental shop, grabbed a board and jumped on the lift. I learned by riding up with boarders and asking for a piece of advice each time I rode the lift.

This day, either my skills have really dropped a few notches or I was running a little slower then usual... I took some excellent spills!! No, there aren't pictures of any of these. I launched off of a built jump just to land square on my a$$ and slide for about 50+ft! Next, I tried to do a rail slide on ice and ended up hugging a tree! Not to be out done with me trying to do a rail slide on a large metal pipe in the terrain park... who'd have thunk it? Metal with a layer of ice is slippery? Next, there was a fine head plant into the slopes. Ugh, my neck still hurts from it! And one of my greatest hits of the season so far... I was in the half pipe when I noticed that the angle of the lip of the pipe is more like a ramp and less like a pipe. ie. one shoots you out, one shoots you up... Well, I figured this out as the pipe was shooting me out into the woods!! ha!

Despite the scuffs and bruises, I had an excellent time. I even packed a lunch today so other then the lift ticket, the mountain didn't get much more of my money. Although those hot dogs did look darn tasty!!

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