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Vegas Bound

So, here at sit at the airport awaiting my flight searching for some free wifi, b/c let’s face it… I’m sooooo not gonna pay $6 for 2 hours of wifi? Really? If I can get free wifi with purchase at Cosi for a $2 coke, perhaps a multiple hundred dollar plane ticket can come with it too?

Well, that’s neither here nor there. The important thing is… I’m on vacay!!! AND heading to VEGAS!! As is the norm, I have over estimated how much time it takes to get to the airport. You know, the whole 2 minute metro ride followed by 5 minute walk to the gate! I just always remember airport security being soooooo slow, but I guess now we as a people have accepted that it’s going to suck so everyone is faster about it. They actually made me put my sweatshirt that I was wearing thru the x-ray… not a big deal, just a little weird if you ask me.

I’ve had a ton of suggestions of places to see and things to do while I’m outta town from shows to flare bar tenders to clubs to restaurants... well, you get the idea. I know it sounds kinda lame, but I want to check out Tobin Dodge - The biggest volume dodge store in the country I think. Ha!! Who else would go to the entertainment/sin capital of the country and want to go to a car dealership?? In my defense, they used to have their own show on TV, maybe you heard of it “King of Cars”. Check it out some time, it’s actually a VERY true to life account of life at a car dealership. I should know as I used to sell.

Primarily, I’m going for my birthday and the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This is some ungodly amount of square footage covered by electronics from some of the biggest names… think Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer, Toshiba… You get the idea. Oddly enough, both Nintendo and Apple aren’t coming. I think I know the reasoning behind them both, but I’m still disappointed not to be able to see them there. I’m looking forward to spending some time in the mobile audio section to see what new car stuff I can’t wait to toss in the Jeep!! I’ll be tossing some pix up on here and on my Facebook through out the trip, so check back from time to time or let your google reader do it for you.


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