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Vegas baby… A recount! Day 3, The LVCC - North

Today's agenda, take on the four sections of the South hall, then the North hall and be ready to see a live game show in the evening. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time, so I tightened up my back pack and started trekking around. Luckily, very little in the south hall was very interesting to me... other then Blackberry of course!!! Their booth was very interesting with screens and staff set up demoing the various software that was new for Blackberry phones. B/c, let's face it, other then the storm (Fail!) nothing is really all that new for them. And no, neither the Bold nor the Curve 8350 counts as new!

SanDisk had a cool set up with both a Rockband Tournament and a "Bitchin Magician" – he was pretty funny! Other wise, I really passed through this area very quickly. North hall... was everything a mobile audio guy might want to see. Tricked out cars, new stereo's, amps, speakers, custom installs, demo's, booming heard from every end of the room... you get the idea!!

In the evening, it's time for the game show... a Live taping of Jeopardy!!! Very cool. Some of the questions weren't too hard, some I was shocked anyone knew the answer. The host, Alex Trebek, actually was a very funny guy off camera. Very cool customer and as it turns out, found Will Ferrel and celebrity Jeopardy very funny. The show actually airs on March 18th, but we were all in a row near the back and you probably won’t be able to see us on TV. Watch anyway though, you never know!!

After the show, everyone gets changed and we go grab a bite at this Beautiful restaurant called Dos Camino's in the Venetian. A little bit of a dark themed trendy upscale trendy Mexican place, the food was awesome, the drinks were excellent and the company was fun!! After, it was time to hit the casino floor and play a little craps. I really think I’m bad luck. I lose my bet, but I know when to say when to gambling so I cut and walk away. Total lost, only $55 for the week. Not to shabby. We hit the club, "V Bar", for a bit which is again, a really nice place only to come back and find my friends still gambling!! You are up $200... walk away!! No one listens. O well, at least everyone had fun. Now, let's rest up for the last full day in Vegas!

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