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Vegas baby… A recount! Day 2, The LVCC - Central

Today is a show day. In fact, my favorite show day. It's time to see the Central Hall!! This is where the big boys live. Booths from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, NBC, LG… all the good stuff!! Each both showing the upcoming technologies for the companies and displaying existing product as well.

I think I must have spent around 1-2 hours at the Sony booth alone!! Sooooo much to see, so many people to talk to! I even got to argue the backward compatibility issue that's been keeping me from buying a PS3 with the head of Marketing for Sony NA. Awesome!! She was helpful in showing me how to find one on the market even though they no longer make them. This hall is just Awe inspiring!! If I could only see one part of the exhibit, I think it would be this one. With the North Hall coming in a close second!


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