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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Vegas baby... A recount! Day 1, The Sands

Gooood morning Campers, it’s time for a healthy breakfast!! Hmmm... there's not really any food around and it is almost noon EST so I just skip it and hoof over to the Sony Keynote speakers that kick off the conference. Lead off by Gary Shapiro (President of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)), such faces as Tom Hanks, the CEO of Sony, the president of Pixar, Reggie Jackson and many more spoke about the CEA and the CES show. While they are interesting, that's not what I'm here for exclusively. Bring on the show!! I dip out after Reggie Jackson. I mean, 90 minutes of speaking is all I got time for when there’s sooooo much to see just around the corner!

The other big event going on in Vegas right now is the Adult Video Awards and Expo. This was also going on at the Sands with a large contingent of the staff staying at the Venetian. Occasionally, I would people watch and point out which person was here for which conference. It was a fun game, not challenging, but fun.

The first day, I'm exploring the Sands Hotel Convention center. Massive in itself, it's just a Part of the show. The show, covers the ENTIRE Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) one floor of the Sands Expo hall, rooms at the Hilton, and rooms at the Venetian. Did I mention this thing was massive? The numbers this year, down from the previous year were 111,000 people attending. At any rate, exploring the Sands with regards to CES wasn't too exciting for me. This section was good, but I think it would be more interesting for the buyers as they have a lot of merchants here that would cater to smaller shops. Think wireless store and all the accessories that they sell. Every wonder where they get that stuff? Well, now you know.

After tooling around the show floor for a bit, I run into a friend of mine from DC who is also here for CES. I'm pretty much done with the Sands at this point and she has a meeting so off we go. I'm always interested in new and emerging technologies so I'm thrilled to tag along. In this case, I'm really glad I did. Not so much for the technology, but b/c the meeting was in a hotel room. Not a suite, not even a big room with a living room. Just a plain old hotel room + 3 French guys. Yeah, if you don’t know this by now, I’m a little protective over my friends and I’m glad she didn't end up there on her own.

As a generous, but unnecessary thank you for joining her at this meeting, we go out to lunch. And who should we sit with at the bar other then a couple of porn stars!! Seemed like some pretty cool peeps and they had some interesting stories. I’m not going into it, but one guys last name was Drophead!! Destined for greatness in the sack! After lunch, I use the term lunch loosely as I just had a cocktail or two instead, it's time to hit the tables for a little gambling! As with everyone else, I’m up... I'm down. I'm up... I'm down. It ends up with me losing the $40 I put on the tables and the $40 my buddy gave me to play for him. Ugh, bad luck. O well, it was a good time.

After grabbing a few pints with friends before dinner, (they took off for business) I find my self wandering up the Vegas strip just checking stuff out. Looking up the hotels, seeing the guys handing out the phone numbers with nekkid girls on them... you know, the usual. Then I look to my left, and I see the Carnival Court. This, as it turns out, is one of the best flare bars in the country!! These guys are awesome from juggling bottles, to pouring 8 shots at a time, to you name it!! I sat her for hours watching. They are fast too, not just interesting to watch.

At some point, I got a little restless and wandered into a nearby bar... What's this? Rockband @ the Bar?? Sold! I sign up to play in a band with some guys from CES and we did a killer job if I do say so myself. We played Beastie Boys, Wacha Want!! Unfortunately, the bar only had time for one song before they shut it down. Booo. Back to the flare bar a round or two, some dancing with new friends made at the new bar and for some reason, I thought it was a great idea to order a yard of RBV!! What was I thinking?!?! I took off shortly there after and had a lengthy discussion with room service I'm told. Vegas, at it's finest!

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