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Vegas baby... A recount! Day 0, Paris

I’d like to go ahead and recap my Vegas trip while I still can. I know, I know, the plan was to write while I was there but with everything going on, I just didn't get to it. Clearing out my g-mail and Facebook in boxes was about all I had time for. And even those weren't fully done! Now, where to start... where to start...

Vegas is AWESOME!!! That's a great place to start. I've never been to Vegas before and let me say that I was NOT disappointed. Landing in Vegas is pretty run in the mill since I came in from the wrong side so I didn't get to see the strip flying in (or perhaps I was just beat tired by 2ish EST). The airport isn't bad, but nothing to write home about except there are slot machines every here and there. Very funny to me, but to people that have done the Vegas bit at least once (as I now have) this is very run in the mill.

I catch one of the shuttle busses heading towards the strip. Unfortunately, I had to pass by the small fleet of black limo's that were there waiting for a fare. Gotta save the money so I can lose it at the tables!! Driving, I finally get to see the strip. OMG... Everything is sooo bright and obnoxiously huge!! Triple Axle Limo's 40+ floor hotels... I love it!! Cabs as far as the eye can see. Other then NYC, I've never seen so many cabs. The taxi stands at each hotel I see is lined with 'em just waiting to take some party people to the next spot.

As the shuttle drops me off at the Paris Hotel, the water show starts up at the Bellagio across the street. This really is one of the great free things to see in Vegas I've been told and I certainly agree! I love it. Over the week, I watch it a few more times. As fortune would have it, the first song I saw it do was a Sinatra song. How appropriate!! As it is 3am or so EST by now, I really need to get to bed and get some sleep. I have a TON of show to see tomorrow!


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