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Ski Liberty... or Don't

Wow, 3 days of riding this season so far. How great is that? Ok, so its not THAT much, but its great from seasons past. I've had to take a breather for a few b/c I just found out the base plate on my bindings is all sorts of loose!!! Like move it with your hands loose. Board, to the shop, stat!!! While your at it, how about a wax and grind too!!

During my down time, a bowl of chili and a quick post!! Conditions today aren't bad, but the snow at White Tail is much better and Camel Back is better still. But I'm glad I'm here with some good folks checking out some new terrain! Too bad the half pipe is closed today tho, I was looking forward to giving it another go after my last launch into the woods!

With my board freshly tuned, I'm ready to hit the slopes. Riding up the lift, I see that there's barely even any snow in the half pipe... ugh? What? It's been one of the coldest winters in years!! O well, no matter, let's get some good runs in on the back side of the mountain before everything starts turning to ice! As of around 2ish, I'm too late. Parts of the slopes are starting to turn, and what's better yet, it would seem the ski patrol are out in full force telling people to slow down on the mountain!! What? Slow down? I thought this was an extreme sport, there are no posted speed limits! What an a$$! I mention this in the lift line to the echoing uproar of most of the people waiting in line. One guy actually lost his season pass for a week. Really? This place isn't nice enough to be this degree of ski Nazi's!

Either I've been completely spoiled by great conditions or better mountains, but I'm pretty sure I'm all Ski Liberty'd out. Really have no desire to come back here... their only saving grace... the quick tune shop that fixed my board and a cool tavern that you can run a tab in all day long. I mean, there was something really nice about walking in while my board was in the shop, grabbing a quick chili and putting it on my tab!

ps: that pic isn't Liberty as the pipe in Liberty was MUCH MUCH grassier!

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