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Yeah, it doesn't get much more mobile then this. Blogging on the plane! Well, I've watched two movies on my trip* and a couple episodes of scrubs but I'm finally almost to Vegas. Flying south out of Denver is just amazing. It's night time, but I can still see all the snowy mountains by the moonlight from the window of the plane. Above the cloud lines, I can make out ski slopes that are there for day and some still open for night skiing.
This really is beautiful. I've never seen mountains like this anywhere, on the east coast, in movies, on pictures or post cards. I only wish I could get a picture from the window of what I see.

Colorado, you are on my list of places I must go to play in the terrain park on my board!! Next, looking forward to seeing the lights of the Vegas strip! Then some serious r & r is in order before a long day at CES tomorrow!

Oh yeah, one cool note.... It would seem that the 2009 stewardess of the year for all airlines is working my flight. Neat!

*Wall-E & Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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At Fri Jan 09, 08:42:00 AM EST, Blogger Peace O'Chum said...

See why I'm such a ski snob? I was raised in them thar Rockies.

Wall-E rocks!


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