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Happy 2009!!

Let’s start with the basics… Happy New Years everyone!! Welcome to 2009!! I’ve been a big fat slacker on posting lately and that’s all my fault. I’ve been traveling and things have actually been busy at the office and in my social life… you get the idea. Plenty of excuses. I gotta tighten up! And now, on to the main show!

I have TOOOOOOOOOTALLY been a travelin’ fool lately as New Years finds me in New York City with some friends that I’ve known since High School. This exciting for many reasons, first off, I get to see old friends which is fun. Second, I get to see New York City which I’ve never done before. Next, I get to do something on NYE!! I’m not exactly known for going out or doing something big on NYE.

My friends and I party pretty regularly, so NYE seems like the time of year the rookies come out. In fact, there are those in the food service industry that call it amateur night! Ha! Well, I’m not in food service any more so I better shed that habit. Heading up to NYC I have chosen for my travel. I think it’s a great deal and I don’t have to do the driving. Seriously, it cost me about the same as it would cost for tolls for a round trip ticket. Oh yeah, and I got to ride on a double decker bus which I thought was really cool!! Next time, I gotta try Bolt bus.., Simply b/c they have power plugs for laptops on their buses. But all in all, MegaBus did a great job and I even got to watch some movies on the way back.

Arriving in NYC after being stuck in traffic, there is just enough time to grab an authentic New York Pizza, a couple of RBV’s and get changed to go out for the night. The venue this evening is The Roseland Ballroom with a live performance by DJ Tiesto. And no, I don’t want to get into the semantics of seeing a live DJ playing CD’s. We all hop the Subway which I think is very similar to DC’s Metro, it just goes EVERYWHERE!! They really make it easy not to have a car in NYC. Subway 24/7, cabs all over the place… and the cool thing is that the cabs have touch screens in the back that shows GPS or some TV clips or some stocks. Very neat!!

Once we get on foot, it’s a bit of a walk as we are getting tied up with the Times Square folks. Some people start standing outside as early as 2pm to be there in the freezing cold all night. I’ll pass!! Walking to the club, I get to see the building they film the Lateshow in… very cool. Saw some other really great architecture and the general hustle and bustle of the city. Finally weaving through all the police barricades, we get to the venue. The usual pat down for weapons and check the coats. We get up stairs to find another DJ opening for Tiesto. What a great sound system and a pretty club!! A football field worth of dance floor and sound that carries all the way through! Plenty of bars with no line? Huh?? I should go investigate… A vodka/soda in a tiny glass = $13!! Ok, I know NYC is expensive, but come on… this isn’t even a premium drink. It’s just the rail crap in a tiny plastic cup?!?! Really? Ugh. Ok.

Dancing and having a great time to some great tunes is just how I rang in the new year this year. Well, that and snapping photo’s with my black berry!! Some of these turned out really well. What might look like distortion to you is actually confetti that was falling from the ceiling. There some good folks there and some good partying. I didn’t stay out too too late since a slice of cold pizza was really calling my name. Not to mention there’s gonna be a ton of walking tomorrow checking out the city! Calling it a night and grabbing a cab puts an end to my first stone cold sober NYE in quite some time.

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