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Well, here I am in an airport waiting for a flight again. This amount of travel isn’t normal for me, but it’s very interesting. I can actually start to see distinction b/t airlines and their service and the way they do things. I know they are all different, but I’ve never before been in a position where I travel enough to notice. So far, I really like Southwest. The draw back for me is that they fly out of BWI which is an annoying haul, especially during rush hour traffic.

Other then airport security, which has become exponentially more strict in the recent years I think it’s airport food that’s made the most change. I’m not talking about airline food which is now non existent unless you want to buy a bottle of water for $2 or a prepackaged sandwich for $5. Ugh. Well, inflation, recession, blah blah blah. It’s the vendors and full resteraunts that I’m seeing now that are really impressing me with quality meals and good service!! They have full franchises coming in here now. For example, I just had a quick bite at California Tortilla which is one of my fav spots near Courthouse and Chinatown. Yum! In Denver, I spent a few cozy hours at Mesa Verde with their free wifi service.

Thank you air ports for stepping up for the travelers that are stuck for layovers or missed their flights completely. I might not travel often, but for the times I do, this is really appreciated. Now, where’s that Sky Waitress with my complimentary cocktail. Yum!!

On a side note… The pilot on this plane just made a u-turn on the runway!! Ha!! Never seen a pilot get lost before. Maybe we’ll end up in Vegas again. Mmmmm… Vegas!


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