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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


Are you effing kidding me?!?!? Why would a purse cost $3,000.00?!?!?


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Greek Fuud

Today I joined my family for a bite to eat up in, eeeek, Mary land. While greek isn't generally my first choice this meal was a very nice get together despite a total a$$hole waiter and some slooooooow service. I had a sample of their popular en trees including spanikotita, some marinated chicken, and Dolmades. The food, quite good tho. So, go forth my friends and take in your local greek place for a change of cuisine from your regular fare.


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Lucky for me Trendy Sushi bars are springing up all over the city. Awesome, now I don't have to go hunting for them!!! This shot is from Current which used to be Dragonfly. Love the remodel, great job guys!!!


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Looks like some fools tried to rob the Navy FCU!!!


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DC's Big Snow

This snowy wonderland picture is out of my office window and shows about all the cars that actually came to work!! I love it, DC is shut down!! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go out in the snow and pull anyone out of a ditch on this occasion. At least the tread marks from the Jeep just coming in and out of the driveway look mean!


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Ski Liberty... or Don't

Wow, 3 days of riding this season so far. How great is that? Ok, so its not THAT much, but its great from seasons past. I've had to take a breather for a few b/c I just found out the base plate on my bindings is all sorts of loose!!! Like move it with your hands loose. Board, to the shop, stat!!! While your at it, how about a wax and grind too!!

During my down time, a bowl of chili and a quick post!! Conditions today aren't bad, but the snow at White Tail is much better and Camel Back is better still. But I'm glad I'm here with some good folks checking out some new terrain! Too bad the half pipe is closed today tho, I was looking forward to giving it another go after my last launch into the woods!

With my board freshly tuned, I'm ready to hit the slopes. Riding up the lift, I see that there's barely even any snow in the half pipe... ugh? What? It's been one of the coldest winters in years!! O well, no matter, let's get some good runs in on the back side of the mountain before everything starts turning to ice! As of around 2ish, I'm too late. Parts of the slopes are starting to turn, and what's better yet, it would seem the ski patrol are out in full force telling people to slow down on the mountain!! What? Slow down? I thought this was an extreme sport, there are no posted speed limits! What an a$$! I mention this in the lift line to the echoing uproar of most of the people waiting in line. One guy actually lost his season pass for a week. Really? This place isn't nice enough to be this degree of ski Nazi's!

Either I've been completely spoiled by great conditions or better mountains, but I'm pretty sure I'm all Ski Liberty'd out. Really have no desire to come back here... their only saving grace... the quick tune shop that fixed my board and a cool tavern that you can run a tab in all day long. I mean, there was something really nice about walking in while my board was in the shop, grabbing a quick chili and putting it on my tab!

ps: that pic isn't Liberty as the pipe in Liberty was MUCH MUCH grassier!

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I have nooooooooooo idea how I drug a$$ outta bed the next morning after that awesome show the night before, but somehow it was done! Hung over and all, I hit the road for a great day of snowboarding at White Tail. This is actually a very historic mountain for me. This is the mountain that I finally started snowboarding on. I came up here either alone or with some people, I can't remember. Skied the entire mountain in 30 mins, looked around and said, "ok, now what?" So, I hit the rental shop, grabbed a board and jumped on the lift. I learned by riding up with boarders and asking for a piece of advice each time I rode the lift.

This day, either my skills have really dropped a few notches or I was running a little slower then usual... I took some excellent spills!! No, there aren't pictures of any of these. I launched off of a built jump just to land square on my a$$ and slide for about 50+ft! Next, I tried to do a rail slide on ice and ended up hugging a tree! Not to be out done with me trying to do a rail slide on a large metal pipe in the terrain park... who'd have thunk it? Metal with a layer of ice is slippery? Next, there was a fine head plant into the slopes. Ugh, my neck still hurts from it! And one of my greatest hits of the season so far... I was in the half pipe when I noticed that the angle of the lip of the pipe is more like a ramp and less like a pipe. ie. one shoots you out, one shoots you up... Well, I figured this out as the pipe was shooting me out into the woods!! ha!

Despite the scuffs and bruises, I had an excellent time. I even packed a lunch today so other then the lift ticket, the mountain didn't get much more of my money. Although those hot dogs did look darn tasty!!

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Innaugural Weekend...

In the weeks leading up to the new President, everyone is getting up in a Tizzy about new policy, about who is going to be in which advisory role, and most importantly... which ball/gala are you going to?? I found myself at rockin the Tux at the Golden Triangle Cabaret Inaugural Celebration. What a cool event and an awesome night!! There were live cabaret singers, live Jazz singers and musicians, I saw a magician, and the waitress was almost able to keep up with my drinks! I am really glad I was able to attend this event! Probably the most fun since Vegas (I know that was last week, but still!)


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Well, here I am in an airport waiting for a flight again. This amount of travel isn’t normal for me, but it’s very interesting. I can actually start to see distinction b/t airlines and their service and the way they do things. I know they are all different, but I’ve never before been in a position where I travel enough to notice. So far, I really like Southwest. The draw back for me is that they fly out of BWI which is an annoying haul, especially during rush hour traffic.

Other then airport security, which has become exponentially more strict in the recent years I think it’s airport food that’s made the most change. I’m not talking about airline food which is now non existent unless you want to buy a bottle of water for $2 or a prepackaged sandwich for $5. Ugh. Well, inflation, recession, blah blah blah. It’s the vendors and full resteraunts that I’m seeing now that are really impressing me with quality meals and good service!! They have full franchises coming in here now. For example, I just had a quick bite at California Tortilla which is one of my fav spots near Courthouse and Chinatown. Yum! In Denver, I spent a few cozy hours at Mesa Verde with their free wifi service.

Thank you air ports for stepping up for the travelers that are stuck for layovers or missed their flights completely. I might not travel often, but for the times I do, this is really appreciated. Now, where’s that Sky Waitress with my complimentary cocktail. Yum!!

On a side note… The pilot on this plane just made a u-turn on the runway!! Ha!! Never seen a pilot get lost before. Maybe we’ll end up in Vegas again. Mmmmm… Vegas!


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The big 3-0!

My actual birthday was actually spent on a plane or at various airports. Quite the change from years past but seems to be quite run in the mill these past few days!! Dragging outta bed in the Paris, catching a shuttle outta Vegas to the Airport. Security is very quick, so I have time for a quick bite. Now, it’s 10am, I’m having an omelet... the guy next to me is pounding beers and the bartender is pushing shots of Jager & Tequila on everyone?!?!? 10am people!! Well, whatever makes you happy I guess.

The first flight was uneventful, I watched most of "Don't Mess with Zohan" on it. This movie is funny as SH!T!!!! This really is one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies with a cameo by Rob Schneider (they've done like a zillion together). People talked some trash about it, but I laughed my a$$ off!! Anyways, the only downside was a REALLY bitchy stewardess on the flight. No big, maybe she was just having a bad day or got some bad news. I got to enjoy a fun fun layover in Denver for about 2.5 hours or so. I hung out in Mesa Verde for so long that they actually had to call my name on the loud speaker to get my a$$ to the gate so the plane could leave!! Ooops. Side note: when I got there, there was still a huge line so I didn't hold anyone up.

This flight, pretty uneventful. I wrote a bit, I finished watching Zohan and moved on to the second Chronicles of Narnia which was an interesting flick. The laptop battery ran out right as it was getting to the good part tho. Landing in DC, I take the train then hoof it home just in time to buy another plane ticket to take off the next day and have a few minutes to play Mario Kart with my buddy over Nintendo's wireless network. Why do I play with/against him? I loose points every time!! I’m convinced that the game is biased towards people that play with the wheel vs. just using a controller. Either that, or I just really need more practice!! (also possible)

So, I'm 30. What's changed? I'd say not much. My metabolism is slower so I need to crack down on myself with what I eat and drink. My credit and income are much better then they were 10 years ago… That’s really about it. I feel the same, my friends are about the same, and we still go out and party here and there. I will say with more disposable income (no wife & kids) the vacations and trips are much nicer then they used to be and I get to buy myself more toys then I used to be able to do. I guess it is time to grow up (just a pinch) since I can't use the "I'm in my 20's" excuse anymore for shenanigans and what not. We'll see how that goes! From what I hear, 30’s gonna be a great time!

The week up to my bday was awesome in Vegas & the following weekend I'll be partying all weekend long. So, I guess just this once, its ok that nothing really happened on my exact birthday day. No limo party or bar party or giant house party this year. Just another year. Kind of anticlimactic. But you know, I'm ok with that. I can throw down for 31!

"Oh my next thirty years, I'm gonna watch my weight. Eat a few more salads and not stay up so late. Drink a little lemonade and not so many beers... Maybe I'll remember my next thirty years" - Tim McGraw


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Vegas baby… A recount! Day 4, The Paris

Today is the last day of the show. At this point, I've walked the floor of every section and I'm pretty much just coming back to see anything I might have missed. Well, I've seen it so I end up hanging out in the Press room working on my personal PC. You know, updating some numbers, playing with my iTunes, downloading some software I’ve been hearing about all week. It was a nice and relaxing day at the show. Ok, so maybe I got in a quick couple games of Rockband on my favorite truck of the show at the very end of the day before the show was being torn down.

After the show, there was a lovely Champagne toast for all the CES staff that I was able to witness. The President of CEA made a nice speech to all the employee’s and gave out the rough attendance numbers. I think this was a great gesture for the employees that work very hard to put on an INSANELY Huge conference. After that, I took it to the room to try to start getting things together for my flight in the morning and rest up for the night out ahead.

First a bite of dinner at a surprisingly authentic Italian place in the Paris, followed by heading over to the Bellagio for a party in one of the hotel suites! This should be fun... I'm just forgetting one thing, I've been up till 4, 5, or 6am EST this entire week and walking miles and miles all day with out much rest. After dinner, this all starts to sink in VERY quickly. At the risk of sounding lame, I was just totally partied out by the time I got there. I had a couple beers, then thanked the hosts and took it back to the hotel. I know, it's my birthday in a few hours and where am I? Heading to bed! I really am old!

Mind over matter, right? Right. My mind refuses to be in bed before midnight today, so I toss on a sweater and head to the bar downstairs in the Paris for a few Cap'n n Diet's. I have just enough energy to talk to the bartender, but not really enough to talk to anyone else. Ugh... I am BEAT tired!! Well, I've had a drink on my birthday, so now it's off to bed. Gotta get back to the grind in a day or so. I cannot believe just how much Vegas takes out of you. But wow, it's Great! I can't wait to come back!

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Vegas baby… A recount! Day 3, The LVCC - North

Today's agenda, take on the four sections of the South hall, then the North hall and be ready to see a live game show in the evening. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time, so I tightened up my back pack and started trekking around. Luckily, very little in the south hall was very interesting to me... other then Blackberry of course!!! Their booth was very interesting with screens and staff set up demoing the various software that was new for Blackberry phones. B/c, let's face it, other then the storm (Fail!) nothing is really all that new for them. And no, neither the Bold nor the Curve 8350 counts as new!

SanDisk had a cool set up with both a Rockband Tournament and a "Bitchin Magician" – he was pretty funny! Other wise, I really passed through this area very quickly. North hall... was everything a mobile audio guy might want to see. Tricked out cars, new stereo's, amps, speakers, custom installs, demo's, booming heard from every end of the room... you get the idea!!

In the evening, it's time for the game show... a Live taping of Jeopardy!!! Very cool. Some of the questions weren't too hard, some I was shocked anyone knew the answer. The host, Alex Trebek, actually was a very funny guy off camera. Very cool customer and as it turns out, found Will Ferrel and celebrity Jeopardy very funny. The show actually airs on March 18th, but we were all in a row near the back and you probably won’t be able to see us on TV. Watch anyway though, you never know!!

After the show, everyone gets changed and we go grab a bite at this Beautiful restaurant called Dos Camino's in the Venetian. A little bit of a dark themed trendy upscale trendy Mexican place, the food was awesome, the drinks were excellent and the company was fun!! After, it was time to hit the casino floor and play a little craps. I really think I’m bad luck. I lose my bet, but I know when to say when to gambling so I cut and walk away. Total lost, only $55 for the week. Not to shabby. We hit the club, "V Bar", for a bit which is again, a really nice place only to come back and find my friends still gambling!! You are up $200... walk away!! No one listens. O well, at least everyone had fun. Now, let's rest up for the last full day in Vegas!

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Vegas baby… A recount! Day 2, The LVCC - Central

Today is a show day. In fact, my favorite show day. It's time to see the Central Hall!! This is where the big boys live. Booths from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, NBC, LG… all the good stuff!! Each both showing the upcoming technologies for the companies and displaying existing product as well.

I think I must have spent around 1-2 hours at the Sony booth alone!! Sooooo much to see, so many people to talk to! I even got to argue the backward compatibility issue that's been keeping me from buying a PS3 with the head of Marketing for Sony NA. Awesome!! She was helpful in showing me how to find one on the market even though they no longer make them. This hall is just Awe inspiring!! If I could only see one part of the exhibit, I think it would be this one. With the North Hall coming in a close second!


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Vegas baby... A recount! Day 1, The Sands

Gooood morning Campers, it’s time for a healthy breakfast!! Hmmm... there's not really any food around and it is almost noon EST so I just skip it and hoof over to the Sony Keynote speakers that kick off the conference. Lead off by Gary Shapiro (President of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)), such faces as Tom Hanks, the CEO of Sony, the president of Pixar, Reggie Jackson and many more spoke about the CEA and the CES show. While they are interesting, that's not what I'm here for exclusively. Bring on the show!! I dip out after Reggie Jackson. I mean, 90 minutes of speaking is all I got time for when there’s sooooo much to see just around the corner!

The other big event going on in Vegas right now is the Adult Video Awards and Expo. This was also going on at the Sands with a large contingent of the staff staying at the Venetian. Occasionally, I would people watch and point out which person was here for which conference. It was a fun game, not challenging, but fun.

The first day, I'm exploring the Sands Hotel Convention center. Massive in itself, it's just a Part of the show. The show, covers the ENTIRE Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) one floor of the Sands Expo hall, rooms at the Hilton, and rooms at the Venetian. Did I mention this thing was massive? The numbers this year, down from the previous year were 111,000 people attending. At any rate, exploring the Sands with regards to CES wasn't too exciting for me. This section was good, but I think it would be more interesting for the buyers as they have a lot of merchants here that would cater to smaller shops. Think wireless store and all the accessories that they sell. Every wonder where they get that stuff? Well, now you know.

After tooling around the show floor for a bit, I run into a friend of mine from DC who is also here for CES. I'm pretty much done with the Sands at this point and she has a meeting so off we go. I'm always interested in new and emerging technologies so I'm thrilled to tag along. In this case, I'm really glad I did. Not so much for the technology, but b/c the meeting was in a hotel room. Not a suite, not even a big room with a living room. Just a plain old hotel room + 3 French guys. Yeah, if you don’t know this by now, I’m a little protective over my friends and I’m glad she didn't end up there on her own.

As a generous, but unnecessary thank you for joining her at this meeting, we go out to lunch. And who should we sit with at the bar other then a couple of porn stars!! Seemed like some pretty cool peeps and they had some interesting stories. I’m not going into it, but one guys last name was Drophead!! Destined for greatness in the sack! After lunch, I use the term lunch loosely as I just had a cocktail or two instead, it's time to hit the tables for a little gambling! As with everyone else, I’m up... I'm down. I'm up... I'm down. It ends up with me losing the $40 I put on the tables and the $40 my buddy gave me to play for him. Ugh, bad luck. O well, it was a good time.

After grabbing a few pints with friends before dinner, (they took off for business) I find my self wandering up the Vegas strip just checking stuff out. Looking up the hotels, seeing the guys handing out the phone numbers with nekkid girls on them... you know, the usual. Then I look to my left, and I see the Carnival Court. This, as it turns out, is one of the best flare bars in the country!! These guys are awesome from juggling bottles, to pouring 8 shots at a time, to you name it!! I sat her for hours watching. They are fast too, not just interesting to watch.

At some point, I got a little restless and wandered into a nearby bar... What's this? Rockband @ the Bar?? Sold! I sign up to play in a band with some guys from CES and we did a killer job if I do say so myself. We played Beastie Boys, Wacha Want!! Unfortunately, the bar only had time for one song before they shut it down. Booo. Back to the flare bar a round or two, some dancing with new friends made at the new bar and for some reason, I thought it was a great idea to order a yard of RBV!! What was I thinking?!?! I took off shortly there after and had a lengthy discussion with room service I'm told. Vegas, at it's finest!

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Vegas baby... A recount! Day 0, Paris

I’d like to go ahead and recap my Vegas trip while I still can. I know, I know, the plan was to write while I was there but with everything going on, I just didn't get to it. Clearing out my g-mail and Facebook in boxes was about all I had time for. And even those weren't fully done! Now, where to start... where to start...

Vegas is AWESOME!!! That's a great place to start. I've never been to Vegas before and let me say that I was NOT disappointed. Landing in Vegas is pretty run in the mill since I came in from the wrong side so I didn't get to see the strip flying in (or perhaps I was just beat tired by 2ish EST). The airport isn't bad, but nothing to write home about except there are slot machines every here and there. Very funny to me, but to people that have done the Vegas bit at least once (as I now have) this is very run in the mill.

I catch one of the shuttle busses heading towards the strip. Unfortunately, I had to pass by the small fleet of black limo's that were there waiting for a fare. Gotta save the money so I can lose it at the tables!! Driving, I finally get to see the strip. OMG... Everything is sooo bright and obnoxiously huge!! Triple Axle Limo's 40+ floor hotels... I love it!! Cabs as far as the eye can see. Other then NYC, I've never seen so many cabs. The taxi stands at each hotel I see is lined with 'em just waiting to take some party people to the next spot.

As the shuttle drops me off at the Paris Hotel, the water show starts up at the Bellagio across the street. This really is one of the great free things to see in Vegas I've been told and I certainly agree! I love it. Over the week, I watch it a few more times. As fortune would have it, the first song I saw it do was a Sinatra song. How appropriate!! As it is 3am or so EST by now, I really need to get to bed and get some sleep. I have a TON of show to see tomorrow!


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Yeah, it doesn't get much more mobile then this. Blogging on the plane! Well, I've watched two movies on my trip* and a couple episodes of scrubs but I'm finally almost to Vegas. Flying south out of Denver is just amazing. It's night time, but I can still see all the snowy mountains by the moonlight from the window of the plane. Above the cloud lines, I can make out ski slopes that are there for day and some still open for night skiing.
This really is beautiful. I've never seen mountains like this anywhere, on the east coast, in movies, on pictures or post cards. I only wish I could get a picture from the window of what I see.

Colorado, you are on my list of places I must go to play in the terrain park on my board!! Next, looking forward to seeing the lights of the Vegas strip! Then some serious r & r is in order before a long day at CES tomorrow!

Oh yeah, one cool note.... It would seem that the 2009 stewardess of the year for all airlines is working my flight. Neat!

*Wall-E & Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Vegas Bound

So, here at sit at the airport awaiting my flight searching for some free wifi, b/c let’s face it… I’m sooooo not gonna pay $6 for 2 hours of wifi? Really? If I can get free wifi with purchase at Cosi for a $2 coke, perhaps a multiple hundred dollar plane ticket can come with it too?

Well, that’s neither here nor there. The important thing is… I’m on vacay!!! AND heading to VEGAS!! As is the norm, I have over estimated how much time it takes to get to the airport. You know, the whole 2 minute metro ride followed by 5 minute walk to the gate! I just always remember airport security being soooooo slow, but I guess now we as a people have accepted that it’s going to suck so everyone is faster about it. They actually made me put my sweatshirt that I was wearing thru the x-ray… not a big deal, just a little weird if you ask me.

I’ve had a ton of suggestions of places to see and things to do while I’m outta town from shows to flare bar tenders to clubs to restaurants... well, you get the idea. I know it sounds kinda lame, but I want to check out Tobin Dodge - The biggest volume dodge store in the country I think. Ha!! Who else would go to the entertainment/sin capital of the country and want to go to a car dealership?? In my defense, they used to have their own show on TV, maybe you heard of it “King of Cars”. Check it out some time, it’s actually a VERY true to life account of life at a car dealership. I should know as I used to sell.

Primarily, I’m going for my birthday and the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). This is some ungodly amount of square footage covered by electronics from some of the biggest names… think Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer, Toshiba… You get the idea. Oddly enough, both Nintendo and Apple aren’t coming. I think I know the reasoning behind them both, but I’m still disappointed not to be able to see them there. I’m looking forward to spending some time in the mobile audio section to see what new car stuff I can’t wait to toss in the Jeep!! I’ll be tossing some pix up on here and on my Facebook through out the trip, so check back from time to time or let your google reader do it for you.


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Happy 2009!!

Let’s start with the basics… Happy New Years everyone!! Welcome to 2009!! I’ve been a big fat slacker on posting lately and that’s all my fault. I’ve been traveling and things have actually been busy at the office and in my social life… you get the idea. Plenty of excuses. I gotta tighten up! And now, on to the main show!

I have TOOOOOOOOOTALLY been a travelin’ fool lately as New Years finds me in New York City with some friends that I’ve known since High School. This exciting for many reasons, first off, I get to see old friends which is fun. Second, I get to see New York City which I’ve never done before. Next, I get to do something on NYE!! I’m not exactly known for going out or doing something big on NYE.

My friends and I party pretty regularly, so NYE seems like the time of year the rookies come out. In fact, there are those in the food service industry that call it amateur night! Ha! Well, I’m not in food service any more so I better shed that habit. Heading up to NYC I have chosen for my travel. I think it’s a great deal and I don’t have to do the driving. Seriously, it cost me about the same as it would cost for tolls for a round trip ticket. Oh yeah, and I got to ride on a double decker bus which I thought was really cool!! Next time, I gotta try Bolt bus.., Simply b/c they have power plugs for laptops on their buses. But all in all, MegaBus did a great job and I even got to watch some movies on the way back.

Arriving in NYC after being stuck in traffic, there is just enough time to grab an authentic New York Pizza, a couple of RBV’s and get changed to go out for the night. The venue this evening is The Roseland Ballroom with a live performance by DJ Tiesto. And no, I don’t want to get into the semantics of seeing a live DJ playing CD’s. We all hop the Subway which I think is very similar to DC’s Metro, it just goes EVERYWHERE!! They really make it easy not to have a car in NYC. Subway 24/7, cabs all over the place… and the cool thing is that the cabs have touch screens in the back that shows GPS or some TV clips or some stocks. Very neat!!

Once we get on foot, it’s a bit of a walk as we are getting tied up with the Times Square folks. Some people start standing outside as early as 2pm to be there in the freezing cold all night. I’ll pass!! Walking to the club, I get to see the building they film the Lateshow in… very cool. Saw some other really great architecture and the general hustle and bustle of the city. Finally weaving through all the police barricades, we get to the venue. The usual pat down for weapons and check the coats. We get up stairs to find another DJ opening for Tiesto. What a great sound system and a pretty club!! A football field worth of dance floor and sound that carries all the way through! Plenty of bars with no line? Huh?? I should go investigate… A vodka/soda in a tiny glass = $13!! Ok, I know NYC is expensive, but come on… this isn’t even a premium drink. It’s just the rail crap in a tiny plastic cup?!?! Really? Ugh. Ok.

Dancing and having a great time to some great tunes is just how I rang in the new year this year. Well, that and snapping photo’s with my black berry!! Some of these turned out really well. What might look like distortion to you is actually confetti that was falling from the ceiling. There some good folks there and some good partying. I didn’t stay out too too late since a slice of cold pizza was really calling my name. Not to mention there’s gonna be a ton of walking tomorrow checking out the city! Calling it a night and grabbing a cab puts an end to my first stone cold sober NYE in quite some time.

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