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Xmas Dinner

This year (I'm referring to it as the jewelry free year!!) I've got quite a few friends to shop for that have been there for me and really helped me along the road we caaaaaallin life. Sorry, broke into an Eagle Eye Cherry song there for a sec. Any ways, I could scour the mall and the interwebs for days looking for that perfect gift, getting pissed off, returning it, then getting a gift card then thinking that it was lame... you know, typical holiday shopping stuff! Or... I could just take the lot of 'em out to a nice dinner!! I choose option b!

We started off at a little happy hour at Bailey's for some $2 pints and some conversation. The bar started to fill up all of a sudden, and here we are clogging the main spot at the bar while the wait staff curses us for taking this spot!! Ooops. Come 645ish, it's time to settle up and move on to dinna.

Dinner was at McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant, and lemmie tell ya it was AWESOME!!! Since there are 19 of us, they took over two 10 top tables next to each other. After another round of drinks for everyone at both tables, we order a hand full of apps for each. Crab Dip, Calamari, Mussels, Coconut Shrimp, Shrimp Cocktail (I'm getting hungry just writing this). I just want to say, that crab dip was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! The fresh crab pieces were abundant throughout the dip. Everyone had very hearty dips and we actually ran out of chips before we ran out of crab!!

Entrees are served, and it's a mix of seafood all across both tables. I saw scallops in a variety of preparations, some crab cakes which look like giant crab bombs (taste amazing by the way!), & some steak. I had the Nantucket bay scallops which were oven baked with a light breading on top of the dish. These were also EXCELLENT!! I didn't opt for desert, but from what I saw they were also amazing. I particularly enjoyed one of my friends rants on the upside down apple pie which was shown right next to a regular slice of apple pie... ha!

My gift to everyone wasn't just setting up the dinner, but paying for it too. This is now the most expensive tab I've ever picked up!! Let's see how long that record lasts! =)

After dinner, a couple of us kept the festivities going by heading out to a karaoke place near by for some singing, carrying on, and shenanigans. I don't really want to get into the late night events of this evening, but let me say this... I wish I had just gone home after dinner. The rest of the evening was enough to tarnish an amazing night with amazing friends and not just b/c I sucked at singing random songs people kept signing me up for. But, I shall say no more on the subject at this time.

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