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Travelin Planz

In the coming months, I'm actually gettin outta dodge for a bit. Me! The guy who doesn't travel anywhere!!! The excitement starts with a trip back home to NC to be arm candy for a holiday party and pretty much party it up with some old friends I haven't seen in waaaaay too long!!

Only back in DC for a minute, then back down to NC for a wedding weekend for a college buddy of mine! Congrats!! She's a great girl... What's that you say? Of course we're bringin plastic cups for flip cup at the reception!!! We are that klassy of a bunch!!

There's some unconfirmed snow boarding trips right around x-mas in PA or West VA, but then New York City for new years!!! Catchin a DJ Tiesto show with friends is an awesome way to ring in the new years!! I've never been to NYC, so I'm super psyched!!

And now, the main event... 6 days in Vegas!!!! I've always wanted to go and what's better... I'll be there for the CES show!! I'm a gadget freak, so I am really looking forward to this trip. Even if there was no CES... VEGAS!!! I am really in for a fun couple months, that's for sure!!


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