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Too Much

Dear Alcohol, we need to talk. Now, we've been good friends for the past 11 almost 12 years, but lately, I feel like we are spending a little too much time together. Don't get me wrong, you’re a great friend to me it's just that I feel the cost benefit ratio of hanging out with you is starting to change. For starters, you are getting more expensive over time, especially at bars. You are helping make me fat, occasionally forget details of events I attend, and sometimes I really think you are trying to kill me... Especially in the early hours of the next day! Quite frankly, the only thing getting skinny from you is my wallet!! I'm not trying to be mean to you, on the weekends we are deff cool!! Even the occasional happy hour is a great place for us to kick it, but on school nights I just don't think we should hang out a lot. I hope there are no hard feelings as I do enjoy our time together!


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