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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


As I was out yesterday doing a little happy hour hoppin on the orange line, one of my favorite activities (as always) was people watch. As usual, something entertaining always happens. As I'm sitting there minding my business, I start to see a discussion getting a little heated b/t Ex. Arlington Barbie (we shall call her ExAB) and Current (Asian Version) Arlington Barbie (we shall cal her CAB). The go back and forth a bit, one is crying the other one thinks she's a fool… usual stuff. As ExAB is crying CAB is offering her some grief counseling (not in a nice way) ExAB fires back with "I look better then you and I've had 4 kids!!" at which point CAB offers "Shouldn't you go have your 3/4 life crisis somewhere?"

Now, this interaction is comical for me b/c I literally have a girl wearing a size 0 calling a girl wearing a size 4(if that) a fatty. Ok, whatev. But what really got me chuckling is the bouncer in the back ground watching all this and staying very quiet. After ExAB storms out, all we hear is him saying outta nowhere "She's the exact reason I stopped dating white chicks!" While that comment is funny as hell at the time, it made me wonder... do white chicks have some stigma that I just didn't notice? If you know, please share with the class. Don't worry white chicks, there are still TONS of guys out there that think you are hot sh!t!! Myself included!

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