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Moody Mix

This is a playlist that's stuck with me for the past oh... 7 years or so. I call it my moody mix. Now I know a few of these songs are newer, as I'll add a song here and there or replace a song. Ultimately, it's been approx the same collection of songs since it showed up in my life.

Whenever I'm in a funk or have something on my mind, I can generally put this mix on and just drift away and think stuff out. Are you or anyone you know having a hard day? Well, take a listen and enjoy. This is safe for work for the most part, there's an occasional profane word but if you have a private office or are at home, crank it up and feel all betta!!

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At Sat Dec 06, 07:56:00 AM EST, Blogger Peace O'Chum said...

Nice! I needed something like this.


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