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I broke it!

I know my Jeep is tuff, you should that know by now too!! Well, it's official... it's out of warranty and I've broken something on it! The cruise control of all things? What? How does that even break? Well, it's mechanical which means it can be broken. As far as things that can break, this one really isn't a big deal I guess. I'm renting a car for my weekend travel which gets better gas mileage and for the next travel I'm probably going to ride with someone else, then the travel after that is by a cool Double Decker bus and after that it's all cabs and a plane.

Ok, ok, ok... I'm not as soft as I could be on vehicles, and I know that. I just get bummed out when something boring breaks. For example, the cruise control. There is no really cool fun fix for that!! If I got rear ended and needed a new back bumper, that could be fun!! Or some suspension problems... you get the point. Only stuff that's fun to replace and upgrade is allowed to break!!

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