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Happy Holiday's from the Pocono's!!

Merry Christmas (if applicable) and Happy New Years to everyone!! As you may well know, I've been travelin a whole lot. That means when I'm back, not a ton of spare time to write. I'm sorry, I've been a slacker. So, let's just do a brief recap. The holiday's have been nice. Did the whole family bit for xmas morning. My mom, grandfather (the one still alive of course) and I opened presents, chatted and tried to make a nice breakfast. My big present was a Roomba! I know, how big of a nerd am I that I got excited about a vacuum for xmas?!?!? Well, my house has much much less dust bunnies in it, so I'm pretty psyched!

My mom was the big winner this year. She cleaned up with a new wide screen NAV for her car, wireless keyboard/laser mouse combo from Logitech, a new Toaster Oven with top loading feature. We got all excited and made toast!! Ha! My grandfather got a few nice items, but it was deff my mom that did the best!

That evening, it's time to take it to the Hash. I hafta go, I'm one of the hares. Well, I'm the GM, Hare, & Brew Crew tonight. It's a quiet night so not to difficult. Despite the cold, we have a decent turn out. Good hot cider check in front of quite possibly the tackiest house in the area!! They even had a troop of Santa's working out in the front yard on fitness equipment!! ha! Ending circle in the back room @ Buff D's = Good times!! I was in a bit of a holiday funk (or possibly still hungover from partying with the wait staff the night before) so I took it to the house early.

After resting all day Friday (ok so maybe I did some lunch and some shopping... hush!), and getting a good nights sleep I woke at the a$$ crack of dawn to get myself together for an awesome day of snowboarding!! The initial plan was Snowshoe mountain, but the flip of a coin changed that up to Camelback PA in the Pocono's. The trip up was lovely with good company and a BEAUTIFUL chariot by the name of an LR Discover Series II.

Arriving at the resort finds some nice chilly conditions, and the crowds not being too out of control. One lift ticket later, and I'm on the slopes trying to get used to my new boots and bindings. Well, I do kinda hate my old boots so some new ones were in order!! The conditions, as I mentioned earlier, are juuuust right! The crowds aren't bad. The lift lines are short, I didn't wait more then 5 minutes to get on a lift more then once! The weather is great. It's just warm enough that you can get away with out a jacket, but cold enough that the snow isn't really melting too much. Maybe the base is just THAT deep that it's not affecting it!

I have a few good runs covering most of the mountain then check out the terrain park. This place has two, one huge one (by east coast standards) and an additional half pipe on the other side of the mountain. I spend the bulk of my time playing in the half pipe trying to get my balance right to launch off the lip of the pipe, catch a little air, then switch stance drop down into the pipe, up the other side and repeat. Sometimes this goes well, some times I wind up on my a$$. But you know what? I'm not one of those weenies sitting on the side wishing I was trying it, I'm doing!!

As the day winds down and it starts to get dark, I'm getting a bit tired from the beating I've been taking from the half pipe. I've made progress today, some good air, my turns on the snow have gotten stronger, getting better at switching stances up to a 720 at decent speeds, all in all, it's been a great day. Time to head on to get a bite and then a house party!! Stopping at Wawa, I eat one of the most amazing sandwiches EVERY!! Such awesomeness that it will in fact get its own post! That's all I have to say about that!

I won't talk much of this house party, but I will say this... What a great group of people from all different age groups. There are activities, home made hooch tastings, an amazing spread of snacks, beers as far as the eye can see, and good times had by all. I got in on a few games of beer pong and tied the record for most wins in the house that night crushing the previews guys mercilessly!! What a great trip!

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