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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

A Flippin Good Time

This story, like many, is going to involve some good friends and some good times and some boozin. If you are bored by that, just check “Mark as read” in your reader and move on to my next post. If not, read on as it truly was a killer weekend!!

As you might have read, I broke my cruise control on my Jeep last weekend so I thought I’d rent a car for this trip. It’s not JUST b/c I busted my cruise control might I add. I don’t like to push it on the highway and eat up my knobby tires!! So, I got myself a Pontiac G6 GT. Nice little car, good stereo, good ride, the cruise control works! Trying to leave the city was a BEAR, but then again some Friday traffic and some rain will do that. All in all, from leaving my office, my commute took about 7+ hours. UGH!!

Arriving at the hotel… it’s ok. The room is surprisingly big with 2 double beds and a pull out couch. Nice, you can fit 6 in here with beds!! While I coulda deff used some Febreeze, it was not on hand. Note to self, bring Febreeze! I guess I’ve become a DC snot used to nice hotels and what not. Let’s move on with the night… My buddy and his girl pick me up and we head to the Rehearsal dinner already in progress. I don’t know about you, but EVERY rehearsal dinner I’ve ever been too has been very informal. This one… WTF? White cloth napkins..,. table tents and seating assignments… everyone in a shirt/tie? Ugh. Thanks for the heads up as I roll up in jeans and a party shirt! No biggie… we’ll just scale the class down to my level!! Mauahhaa!!! Outta no where, some styrofoam cups make an appearance and the first of many games of flip cup gets going! Ok, so the bar wasn’t thrilled with us for that one. Fine. We’ll stop.

The groom to be, a good buddy of mine, is grimacing over the fact that no one ate any of the tasty apple cobbler that was part of dinner. You know what? Screw ‘em!! We’ll take it with us to the bar! So there we sit pounding RBV’s, Jager Bomb’s, Cap’n & Diets with a whole pan of cobbler. Yum!! This plan is working brilliantly, until one of the wait staff distracts us for maybe 30 seconds, and the pan got lifted!!! DAMN YOU kitchen staff. I was about to eat that... Using the big spoon of course! =)

We partied a bit till the that was playing at the bar, (not bad actually, I just didn't recognize any of their music) took their first or second break and it was time to head out. We can't go home with out some snacks... Taco Bell Baby!! We pull up...

"May I help you?"

"Yes, I'd like THE why pay more menu please"

"Which Item?"

"All of them!!"

I ordered the entire freakin menu... why? Not sure, but I know I've always wanted to do it!! Now, we head back to the rooms to crash. My room, like I mentioned is surprisingly big. Do I crash on the beds? Nope, I go right for the couch!! Why? I dunno, just felt couchy. Now, I was SOUND asleep maybe 45 seconds after everyone left. I didn't hear my bberry go off asleep. The next thing I know, there came a wrap wrap wrapping at my chamber door. My buddy Moose (I don't usually use names, but this isn't really his name so it's all good) told me to get up b/c the groom and some people are coming over to party. Ugh, ok. I'm up. Always gotta rally for the groom!! Luckily, we prepared for this just in case with a couple (read.. case or so) beers in the fridge.

This would be the first time I've met the grooms friends, we will call them Waffle & Stone Cold for now. Why? Why not! Ha! At any rate, the 5 of us went on to play round after round of flip cup, a card game called horse race a couple times, annoy the crap out of the hotel staff for being rowdy, and in general just have a blast! It's what you do the day before a wedding!! I think some additional highlights include Waffle using the luggage cart as a skate board down the hall, all of us trying to block the door to keep the groom from trying to leave - this may have resulted in body slams for some of the guys as the groom is not a little boy!!

Awaking the next morning, by morning I mean noonish, in search of some food and a TON of water. KFC to the rescue!! We chow down and veg for a bit, but we just don't have much time b/c we have to be at the church NLT 430ish? Really? Ok, so we are all cleaned up and start tailgating a little for the wedding. It's just what we do and our way of showing support for our friends!! The ceremony is very nice although we got our wrists slapped by the wedding planner for trying to sign the guest book. That seems a little odd, but what ev. Great ceremony and it's on to the reception. Let's face it, people only come for the reception. The Ceremony is for the couples themselves. If I do end up married, I think I'll give some serious thought to running off somewhere fun, getting married and then just having a big kick a$$ reception when I get back. Do you know the cost of a wedding these days?!?!

The reception was very lovely. At a local country club with an actual live band. Nice. I just couldn't stop thinking Jon Lovitz in the wedding singer singing "Soooooooooooooophisticated Woman!!" But, the band was actually good. The libations were flowing freely far all. We thought we'd get a jump on the crowd by getting the table not only next to one of the kegs but right next to the wedding party!! That plan was awesome... until we realized that the wedding party wasn't actually gonna sit at any time!! Foiled again! No problems, we go to our trusty friend, Firefly, for some idea's. After draining that bottle, we made our own party. B/c hey, people weren't really dancing to the wedding singer. Taking over a square table right next to the keg, we get the flip cup going. And like a moth to a flame, the party flocks to us. Including bridesmaids who want to play. Sweet!!

The game rages on for many many rounds. We teach some people how to play, but ultimately it's me and moose against each other with who we can recruit. The best was the final match came down to the Bride vs. the Groom!! Yeah, the wedding photographer has all of that on camera! We managed to kick that keg with our little game, but have no fear as we have another!! Before we could float the next one, the reception is winding down. That doesn't mean those of us that stayed in the same hotel are done. NOT by a LONG SHOT!!!

You might find this hard to believe, but the after party went to my room. We stole a few chairs from another room and got the games going again along with some music running from my laptop through the rooms speakers. There was many rounds of Horse racing, a couple rounds of 3 man, and some Kings Cup (aka Circle of Death). Please don't be shocked, but there was even some more flip cup!! ha! At one point, I think we did a three way flip cup game!! Much fun was had by all, and I think everyone was outta the room by 4ish for a couple hours R&R before heading back the next day.

Waking up dragging a little, I tidy up and head to my car. A quick bite at Huddle House for me an Moose to get moving accompanied by many glasses of water were just what the Doctor ordered. We ran into Waffle & Stone cold (Who was still wearing the garter from the wedding!!) at the HH, exchanged phone numbers and said our good byes. What a great weekend and a great group of people!!

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